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Creating a Formula Driven Report

Formulas are one of the more-powerful features available within Report Designer. Using formulas you can perform calculations using data from other columns, and create unique results that would otherwise be impossible using just the sources alone.

This document will teach you how to
  • Use C-Variables to pull data from other columns into formulas.

  • Rename the column header used when printing a report.

We will go over the steps to create a new Report Definition that will calculate an estimate of the Vacation Earnings amount for each employee.

7 25 2018 11 13 28 AM
Figure 1. Example of what the report we will create looks like when printed.

Create Report Definition

The report we will be making will contain five columns—four which will use data sources, and the last column will use a formula to calculate the Vacation Earning Amount of each employee.

Adding columns

You can add columns to the report a couple of ways:


You can drag a source directly onto the dark-gray area of the Report Layout columns to create a new column using that source. (If you drag the source onto a column you will be prompted to replace that column’s source however.)

Right-click Menu

You can right-click on the column area to open a right click menu where you can chose to add a column, or insert a new column before or after the column which is currently selected.

  1. Add the following columns to the report:

    7 25 2018 11 31 54 AM
    Figure 2. The four columns using data-source for this report.
    1Employee Profile > Personal > Employee Number
    2Employee Profile > Personal > Employee Name
    3History > Pay Period > Earning Amount
    4Employee Profile > Employment Data > Vacation Percentage
  2. Add a formula column to the report.

We’ll go over the steps to setup the formula column with a formula that will calculate the Vacation Earning Amount in the following section.

Open the Formula Settings

Before we setup the formula, you will need to open the formula settings window for the formula column.

You can open the formula settings using these steps:
  1. Select the formula column.

  2. From the Properties Panel select the Formula property.

  3. Press the […] button to open the formula.

7 25 2018 11 40 07 AM
Figure 3. Steps to open the Column Formula settings.

Formula Setup

The formula that we are going to use looks like this:

Formulas F1 = C3 * (C4 / 100) (1)
      Value = F1 (2)
1The Vacation Percent is converted to a decimal here to make the result correct.
2The result from F1 is used as the value for the column data.

What the formula is doing, in plain English, is converting the Vacation Percentage to a decimal then multiplying the Earning Amount column by the decimal result to calculate the Vacation Earning Amount.


The parenthesis in the above formula are used to infer the order that the calculation will occur.

Enter the formula into the column formula setup:
  1. Enter C3 * (C4 / 100)) into the Formulas F1 field.

  2. Enter F1 into the Value field.

  3. Save the formula by pressing OK now.

7 25 2018 1 58 44 PM
Figure 4. Example of the Column Formula setup using the formula.


In the formula above we used two C-Variables (C3, and C4) to bring data into the formula from other columns.

  • Each C-Variables refers to the value of the current row from the numbered column.

  • Column 1 would be referenced using the C1 C-Variables. (The column numbers are viewable above the column headers in the Report Definition.)

Rename the Formula Column

The final thing that you may want to adjust being printing the report is to change the header text of the Formula Column. Right now the formula column header will be set to Formula, but this should be changed to something more meaningful.

  1. Select the formula column.

  2. From the Column Properties select Column Settings > Header Text and enter a new value to use for the column header.

  3. Press Apply to save the changes to the report definition.

 These steps will work to rename the header of any column, not only the formula column.
7 25 2018 1 43 07 AM
Figure 5. Steps required to change the Header Text of a column.

Example of the Completed Report

After you have setup the Report Definition with a formula column you will want to preview the report. The following is an example of what the report may look like when it is run.

7 25 2018 1 42 28 AM
Figure 6. Example of the completed report printed using A5 paper.
1The values from the Earning Amount column (Column 3) are referenced using the C3 C-Variables
2The values from the Vacation Percentage column (Column 4) are referenced using the C4 C-Variables
3The formula column uses the formula we setup to calculate the Vacation Earning Amount from each row of Column 3 and Column 4. (Note that the formula column uses the header text we entered previously.)

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