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Schedule Pooling Setup Guide

Getting Started with Schedule Pooling is easier than ever! Use the following steps to get started. Setting up Schedule Pooling Rules and updating your Works Groups is mandatory; assigning employees to Work Groups is only required if you haven’t already.

Unsure about Schedule Pooling and want to learn more? Visit the Schedule Pooling Overview for more information.

How to Set up Pooling Rules

Step 1: Open Schedule Pooling Rules in the Avanti Desktop.
By default this can be found in Time & Attendance >> Installation & Maintenance.

Step 2: Select Insert.

Step 3: Fill out a Rule ID and Description.

Step 4: By default, employees’ names aren’t shown to other employees. If you’d like employee information to display, select Yes for Show Employee in Posting.

Additional Information
Managers can always view employee information; this only impacts what other employees can see in Schedule Pooling.

Step 5: Select Approval Required for Posting Approval if you’d like a manager to approve a post before adding it to the Schedule Pool.

Additional Information
Employees can only see and request to work posted schedules in the Schedule Pool.

Step 6: Select when the post will expire based on the schedule’s start time.

Additional Information
The post will remain available in the Schedule Pool for employees to submit pickup and exchange requests until a request to work the shift is approved or the post expires.

Step 7: Select the minimum number of hours managers should wait before approving a request to work a posted schedule.

Additional Information
This is the amount of time, in hours, since the employee posted the schedule. It won’t prevent managers from approving a request; it only displays a warning message.

Step 8: If you’d like employees only to place pickup requests, deselect Allow Exchanges. By default, employees can request to pickup and exchange schedules.

Step 9: When you are satisfied with your changes, select OK.

You can create as many additional Schedule Pooling Groups as you would like.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up Schedule Pooling Rules.

How to Set up Work Groups

Once you add the Schedule Pooling Rule to the Work Group, all employees in the Work Group can start posting and requesting to work a shift.

Step 1: Open Work Groups in the Avanti Desktop.
By default this can be found in Time & Attendance >> Installation & Maintenance

Step 2: Select the desired Work Group, then select Modify.