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Remove a Clock

Removing a clock from Avanti will stop communication between Avanti and the clock. For historical data and reporting, clocks that are no longer in use will remain visible in Avanti.

You may wish to remove a clock from if:

  • The clock is no longer in use.

  • The clock is being returned to Avanti for service.

Step 1: Open Clocks on the Avanti Self-Service Portal and select the Synchronize tab.

Step 2:  Select Clear all users. Note that you must wait up to 30 seconds for the clock to complete this command. Check the log file to make sure the clock is finished deleting its users.

 Step 3: Select Maintain Clocks tab.

Step 4: Deselect Active.

Step 5: Select Save Changes

Congratulations! Avanti no longer communicates with this clock.

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