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Employee Profile Menu Access Control

The Employee Profile contains personal information which you may not want all your users to be able to access, delete, or make changes to. This document will show how to restrict access for a menu item so that only some User Groups can view, modify, or delete the data and others cannot.

Location of Employee Profile Menu

Figure 1. Employee Profile menu items are located on the left side of the window.

Change Employee Profile Menu Access

  1. Open the Employee Profile Menu.
    By default, this can be found in System Administration >> System Menu. 

  2. Select the menu item to restrict access to.

  3. Press Modify to bring up the menu item settings.

    Figure 2. The Employment Data menu item is selected before pressing Modify.
    Figure 3. Example Employee Profile Menu setup.

Restrict Access by Responsibility Level

The Responsibility level of a menu item is used for restricting access to a menu item.

Employee Profile menu items can be restricted to a Responsibility level for each access mode—insert, modify, view, and delete. Only users in a User Groups with a matching (or higher) Responsibility level will have access to a mode. This is from A to Z, where A is the highest and Z is the lowest.

  1. Enter the Insert, Modify, Insert, and Delete Responsibility levels.

    Figure 4. Responsibility levels for Insert, Modify, View, and Delete access.
    • Wildcard Responsibility level ( * ) gives unrestricted access for the mode to all User Groups.

    • User Group Responsibility level can be viewed in the User Group settings found in System Administration > System Access Control > User Groups, under the User Group Details tab.

    Responsibility Level

    Responsibility levels determine which options are available when viewing a menu item.


    The menu item will be accessible to the user, but no changes can be made to the data.

    Modify and View

    The existing data can be changed, but no items can be added or deleted.

    Insert and View

    New items can be added, but no items can be changed or deleted.

    Delete and View

    Items can be deleted, but no items can be changed or added.

    View Responsibility is required to access the menu item and should always be paired with Delete, Modify, or Insert.

Restrict Access to User Group

Menu item access is restricted to those User Groups selected under Allowed Groups. User Groups can be moved back and forth between the Selected column to grant or remove access.

  1. Remove the wildcard to from the Selected column by double-clicking on it (the * will move to the bottom of the Available column).

  2. Grant a User Group from the Available column access by double-clicking on it. (the User Group will move to the Selected column).

  3. Press OK to save the updated menu settings.

    Figure 5. Example Allowed Groups setup. The three User Groups we wish to grant access to are listed in the Selected column (notice how the wildcard is removed from the Selected column).
  • For a user to have access a menu item on Employee Profile, they need to have view and user group access.

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