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Assign a Position to an Employee

Attaching a position to an employee has many benefits:

  • Separate rate of pays for each position worked.

  • Promotions through user-defined rate levels can be applied automatically based on the employee’s work units.

  • Future positions can be entered using the optional effective date for positions.

  • Temporary positions can be applied to an employee using the optional expiry date for the position.

  • Positions rates can be overridden with the employee basic rate.

Add new position to employee

Positions are managed for the employee from the Positions tab of the Employee Profile. Positions can be added, removed, or have the employee settings modified here.

Create a new position

Positions can be created from Canadian Payroll > Employer Payroll Tables > Position Codes.

Let’s go over the steps to add a new position to an employee.

  1. Open Canadian Payroll > Employee Profile > Employee Profile.

  2. Select the employee from the Employee drop-down.

  3. From the menu on the left open the Position tab.

  4. Add a position to the employee by pressing Insert.

8 8 2018 3 09 54 PM

Setup employee position

From the position setup window you can select which position to add for the current employee, then choose the employee specific settings for that position.

Employee specific settings

Employee specific settings only apply to the current employee profile and could be used to allow multiple employees to receive different rate of pays for the same position.

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Figure 1. Example Position setup for a Manager position.
1The position, the starting rate level, and the effective and expiry date for the position can be selected here.
  • The FTE (Full Time Equivalency) can be entered to calculate automatic earnings like salary for this position.

2The settings for the Position Code currently selected can be viewed by pressing the Details button.
3The Rate Source and Rate Override for the positions can be entered here.
For Example:

There is an employee that is moving to a new position in a few weeks, but because they already have prior experience we want to move them to a higher paying rate level for that position so that they are making the correct rate of pay.

We will choose
  • the new position for the employee,

  • the effective date when the position will become active,

  • the rate level to start the employee,

  • the rate source to take the employees rate of pay from the position itself.

Optional Settings
Most of the setting fields on the position setup window are optional, and can be left blank if not required.
  1. Select the position from the Position drop-down.

  2. Select the optional effective date from the Effective drop-down

    • If the position should only be temporary, an expiry date can be selected from the Expiry drop-down as well.

  3. Override the default rate level of the position by entering the level to start the employee into the Rate Level field.

How to setup the position Rate Source will be covered in detail in the next section.

Choose an appropriate Rate Source

When setting up a position you have an option to select the Rate Source for the position. The Rate Source of the position determines if the rate for the earnings generated by this position will come from the basic rate of the employee profile, or from the position itself.

For example:
  • You could have the rate come from the position and when the employee works under this position their earnings will follow the position rate.

  • Alternatively, the rate could come from the Master rates on the Employee Profile and when the employee works this position they earn their normal rate.

Rate Source Options

There are three Rate Source options to choose from:

MasterThe rates for the earnings will come from the Master rates on the Employee Profile.
Position RateThe rates for the earnings will come from the Position itself.
Position Rate (with Basic Override)The rates for the earnings will come from the position itself, but the basic rate will be overridden by a rate that is specified.
  1. Select the Rate Source option from the drop-down.

  2. When the Position Rate (with Basic Override) option is used you must enter the override value for the basic rate into the Rate field to the right of the Rate Source.

Save the position to the employee profile

Save and add the position to the current employee by pressing OK.

The new position is now added to the employee and can be selected during time-entry, or from a payroll data entry batch for the employee.

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