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Adjust Time Cards by Daylight Savings Time Setup

Take the hassle out of Daylight Savings Time; Avanti can automatically adjust the time cards of employees working during the time change.

We’ll adjust Time Cards by an hour for any employee working at 2:00 AM when the time changes for daylight savings.

You can track affected employees using the Adjusted for DST exception, which gets automatically added to adjusted time cards. This information can be viewed in the Exception Report or you can include this exception in your own reports created in Report Definitions.

Additional Information
Using Clock Connect to capture when employees Clock In and Out? If we apply DST automatically, you can no longer set when DST is applied on the Clock. We’ll always adjust the time on your clocks at 2:00 AM.

Step 1: Open Time & Attendance Parameters in the Avanti Desktop.

Step 2: Select Adjusted for DST.

Additional Information
You’ll want to select this for reporting purposes; this ensures an exception gets added to any Time Card automatically adjusted due to the daylight savings time change.

Step 3: On the Options tab, select Adjust Time Cards for Daylight Savings.