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How to Request to Work an Additional Shift on Avanti Go

On Avanti Go, you can view and request additional shifts that are available for you to work.

Once you find a shift you want to work, you can request to take it or to work it in exchange for one of your shifts. Your manager will review all requests and approve one.

Your manager must approve the request before you can work the shift.

Once you have logged into Avanti Go, select Schedules in Time Management.

If your administrators have set up schedule pooling, Pool and Requests will be available at the bottom of the Schedules screen. If this is not present, you cannot request to work a coworker’s shift.

Review the shifts posted in the Pool

In Schedules, select Pool to display a list of available shifts that you can work.

  1. Pick Up – Request to work the shift
  2. Swap – Request to work the shift. In exchange, the other employee will work one of your shifts
  3. Pick Up or Swap – You can decide whether you’d like the employee to work one of your shifts.

Select the shift you would like to work. Additional details of the posted shift will display.

View the Shift Details 

Before picking up or swapping the shift, you can view the details of the shift by selecting the schedule card.  



To Pick Up a Shift 

If you would like to request to work the shift, select Pick Up 



Once you select Pick Up again, the request is complete. Congratulations! Your Pick Up request is available for your manager to review.  

    If the pooled shift is only available for Pick Up, you will only select Pick Up once.



Swap Shifts 

If you would like to work the shift and have the person that posted the shift work your shift, select Swap Shift/Swap 

    If the pooled shift is only available for Swap, you do not need to select Swap Shift/Swap.



To add the shift(s) you would like your co-worker to work, select Add a Shift. You must offer at least one shift.  




A calendar will display the day in blue if you are scheduled to work. Select the day you would like to offer your co-worker.  


Before selecting the shift, you can view the details of the shift by selecting the schedule card.  



Once you have determined the shift that you would like your co-worker to work, select the circle beside the shift card.  



The shift(s) you are offering will appear at the bottom. Repeat the step above to include as many shifts as you would like.  

    Your co-worker will work all the selected shifts if your request is approved.




Once you have finished adding shifts to your offer, select the arrow to return to the Swap.  



To submit the swap request, select Swap/Swap Shift 




Congratulations! Your swap request is complete and available for your manager to review.  



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