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Year-End FAQs

1. Can the year-end update be installed before I run my final pay of the year?

Yes, the year-end update can be installed at any time. We recommend installing the update as soon as it is available for download and installation. It won’t affect any pay with a payment date in 2021.

  • The system knows the tax tables to use based on the Payment Date.

  • For On-Prem clients: If your IT person goes on vacation between Christmas and New Year’s, they just need to do the update before they leave.

For more information, go to Install the 2022 Avanti Tax Update.

2. Do I have to initialize my entitlements at year-end?

Entitlements can be initialized at any time of the year. When to initialize your entitlements depends on your company policies, different entitlements can be initialized at different times.

For example, your sick leave can be initialized at the beginning of April, banked time entitlements can be paid out at the end of June, and your vacation year can start in September.

  • Initializing your entitlements is included in the year-end because most companies use the payroll calendar year for their entitlement year.

  • Check the formula setup on the year’s entitlements. The years' entitlements may only accrue if the initialization has been completed.

Need more information on how to initialize entitlements? Learn more at Initialize Entitlements and Vacation.

3. What tools are available to help me balance my year-end?

Within Avanti, several reports can assist with balancing your year-end, in addition to your Review Listing. It is essential to balance before running year-end, in order to make any necessary adjustments during the 2021 payroll year.

Available Reports

  • Review Your 2021 Payroll

  • Balance Your CPP Remittances

  • Balance Your Receiver General and Quebec Remittances

  • Balance Your Entitlements

For more information on each of these reports, go to Balancing Your Year-End Overview.

4. How can I verify the tax update was applied correctly?

The quickest way to check that the tax update was applied successfully is to check the version number of Avanti. The 2022 Tax Release is Avanti Version 10.03. Go to Verifying the January 1 Update Installation for more information.

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