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Balance Your CPP Remittances

This report can provide a final check to ensure your pensionable deductions and benefits are correct before Initializing Employee Totals. This will help:

  • Ensure year-to-date totals are accurate for the 2021 payroll year

  • Avoid CRA penalties

  • Avoid PIER listing

We have provided reports for you to run that compare the employee-paid CPP to the expected CPP amounts.

CPP Reconciliation Report Overview

The CPP Reconciliation Reports compare employee CPP deductions from history to the expected amounts. It displays any discrepancies for each pay period and has a summary of the total CPP deducted for 2021. These reports account for employees that are hired or terminated part way through the year, as well as those with unpaid leaves taken mid-year.

You may need to run a different report for each pay group. For an accurate comparison, match the report to the pay frequency and the number of payments per year on the pay group.

How to Download the Reports

The import files can be found as links at the bottom of this article. Please download the file for each pay frequency you have set up in your company.

Additional Information
Are you unsure of how many pay periods are in this year? This can be found in Pay Periods/Yr in Pay Groups.

Pay Frequency

File Name

Weekly with 52 pay periods in the year

Weekly 52 pay periods 2021.ardx

Weekly with 53 pay periods in the year

Weekly 53 pay periods 2021.ardx

Biweekly with 26 pay periods in the year

Biweekly 26 pay periods 2021.ardx

Biweekly with 27 pay periods in the year

Biweekly 27 pay periods 2021.ardx


Semi Monthly 2021.ardx


Monthly 2021.ardx

Important Information
These reports must be imported each year, as they rely on Max Pensionable Earnings, Employee Rate, and Employer Factor for the current year.

How to Import the Reports

Once the reports are downloaded, you can import them into your company.

Step 1: Open Report Definitions.
By default, this can be found in Report Designer.

Step 2: Select File, then Import in Report Definitions. Select either Import from Computer or Import from OneDrive.