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Avanti Feedback Forum: Getting Started

We want your feedback to make the Avanti product experience better. Powered by UserVoice, a widely-recognized product feedback platform, Avanti Product Feedback Forum is designed to collect product ideas and suggestions, and create a community of collaborative innovation for Avanti users.

This is only available for Managers and Regular Users.

How to Register for the Product Feedback Forum

Go to Settings in the New Avanti Experience. Alternatively, if you’re using the Avanti Self-Service Portal, click on the Feedback widget in the bottom right corner.

Additional Information
This is only available for Manages and Regular Users.

On the Product Feedback tab, click Confirm Email once you have confirmed your company email address. The email address will default to your work email.
*If you do not have a work email specified, it will default to the Primary Email under Personal Info.

Once you have selected refresh, your setup is finalized.

How to Submit an Idea on the New Avanti Experience

From settings in the New Avanti Experience, select Avanti Product Feedback Forum.

Next, select where in Avanti you’d like to see enhanced.