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Avanti Feedback Forum: Getting Started

To learn more, you can watch the video overview or continue reading the article. There's also an internal communications email template attached that you can use to encourage your managers to use as well.
This is only available for Manages and Regular Users.

We want your feedback to make the Avanti product experience better. Powered by UserVoice, a widely-recognized product feedback platform, Avanti Product Feedback Forum is designed to collect product ideas and suggestions, and create a community of collaborative innovation for Avanti users.

How to Register for the Product Feedback Forum

To get started, click on the Feedback widget in the bottom right corner of your Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP).
*Alternatively, you can select ‘Avanti Product Feedback Forum’ from the user profile.
Additional Information
This is only available for Manages and Regular Users.

On the Product Feedback tab, click ‘Confirm Email’ once you have confirmed your company email address. The email address will default to your work email.
*If you do not have a work email specified, it will default to the Primary Email under Personal Info.

Once you have selected refresh, your setup is finalized. You will be returned to the page where you originally clicked on Feedback.

How to Submit an Idea

Once you have registered, you can submit feedback from anywhere within your Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP) by clicking the Feedback widget located at the bottom right of your ASSP screen.

Describe your idea to improve the Avanti product experience. You can also attach supplementary files. Once you have finished describing your idea, select Next.

Suggestions similar to yours will be displayed. You can select to view additional information on a posted idea and vote if you like it. Once you have voted, you can still submit your own idea by selecting Yes to ‘Do you still want to submit an idea?’

Want to submit your post right away? Select ‘Skip and post idea’. Once you enter a title for your idea, you can select ‘Post idea’ to submit.

'How do I know if the idea I've submitted to the Feedback Forum is now live?'

Avanti Product Feedback Forum is reviewed regularly by a moderator before suggestions are made public to the rest of the Forum. Once the Avanti Product Team has reviewed a suggestion, it will be made live for other community members to upvote and add additional comments.

How to Access the Feedback Forum

The Feedback Forum provides the ability to view all the enhancement suggestions and vote on your favorites. Once you have registered, you can access the forum by selecting ‘Avanti Product Feedback Forum’ from the user profile.

Alternatively, you can access the Feedback Forum from the Product Feedback tab under Settings.

Help Avanti shape the future of our products. Select one of the categories to view and vote for the changes that will not only make Avanti better, but also the experience for you and your employees.

If you are accessing the Feedback Forum from a saved link, you may be asked for credentials if you have cleared the browser cache. If this happens, simply log into your Avanti Self-Service Portal and access the Feedback Forum to be automatically logged in.

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