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Banking Info Overview

Are you using direct deposit to pay your employees? Employees can now ensure their banking info is accurate by viewing it in the Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP).

Here, employees can view up to three bank accounts their pay is deposited to. Employees can only view their own info, and regular users can view the banking info for themselves and others; managers cannot view other employee’s banking information.

Employee’s account numbers are always masked and display the last three digits of the account and the last two digits of the transit number.

Multiple Banks

If the employee’s pay goes into multiple banks, we’ll display the distribution of how much pay is going to each account. Don’t worry if the pay distribution doesn’t equal the employees’ pay; any remaining amount not set to go to a specific account is paid into their Default Bank.

Banking Notifications

For enhanced security, employees are looped in when their banking information changes, so they know their information is secure and accurate.

When employees’ direct deposit information is adjusted, we’ll email them and notify them on the notification center, confirming a banking change was made. The email goes to the employee’s Default Email.

These notifications will include your organization’s name. The email notification also contains the employee’s preferred name; if they don’t have a preferred name, their given name is included.

You can add some additional information in the message, such as who can confirm their banking information or the URL to the Personal Information on ASSP, if you’ve set up Banking Info.

These messages can be tailored for French and English employees. Emails are sent in the language specified on the Personal tab of the Employee Profile; notifications are in the language the employee selects when they log into ASSP.

Ready to Get Started?

If you want to start displaying Banking Info on the ASSP, go to the Banking Setup Guide.

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