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Workflow Notification Settings

A Send Notification action can be added to a step within a Workflow to inform users when that step has been completed.

  • The Send Notification action can be added to new, or existing workflows.

  • More than one Send Notification action can be added to a workflow step.

Birthday Greeting Example

A Send Notification action is used on the built-in Birthday Greeting workflow to send an Avanti message to all employees that have a birthday on that day.

Open the workflow to add a notification to

  1. Open Workflows > Maintain Workflows and modify a workflow by double clicking it.

  2. The Workflow will open in a new window.

8 7 2018 1 06 54 PM

Add the Send Notification action

A Send Notification action can be added to the currently selected workflow step. Once added, the Send Notification action will send a notification when the step is triggered.

  1. Add a Send Notification action from the Add menu by selecting Add > Actions > Send Notification.

    8 7 2018 1 15 47 PM
    If the Actions menu option is unavailable, try selecting the Workflow step first.
  2. The Send Notification action will appear at the bottom of the currently selected Workflow step.

    8 7 2018 1 31 54 PM

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