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Company Information Locations

1. Companies

Companies contains the name of the company database that will be displayed when first logging into Avanti.


System Administration > System Access Controls > Companies

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2. Organization Name

The company name, address, and logo can be maintained here to use in pay statement and cheque formats. The company name is also included in the notification and email sent to employees when their direct deposit information changes.


System Administration > System Parameters > Organization Name

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3. Employer Information

The Employer Information will be used when extracting employee ROEs as well as for the tax slip transmitter data.


Canadian Payroll > Installation & Maintenance > Employer Information

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1The Employer Name, address, and phone number populates the tax slip transmitter data.
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2The Contact, and
3ROE issuer populate the ROE information when extracting employee ROEs.
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4. Location Codes

Location Codes can be used to override the Employer Information on employee ROEs. How this works is that if an employee is assigned a Location Code with Contact or ROE Issuer data entered, that data will be used instead of the Employer Information.


If only one of Contact or ROE issuer is entered on the Location Code, then the one that is not entered will come from Employer Information.


Canadian Payroll > Employer Payroll Tables > Location Codes

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5. Business Numbers

The information entered here is used to populate the employer information no tax slips.


The Business Number is connected to an employee by the Pay Group of the employee.


Canadian Payroll > Installation & Maintenance > Maintain Business Numbers

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