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Emailing Tax Slips

You can quickly, easily, and securely email employee tax slips to a particular employee, a group of employees, or all your employees. Employee tax slips are password protected using the same password as the employee’s pay statements.

Additional Information
T2200s can’t be sent via email. Please use an alternative method to provide your T2200s to your employees.

Before you can email your employee’s tax slips, they must be saved. For more information, go to Save Employee Tax Slips.

Additional Information
The Email Tax Slips option is only available for clients with Email Pay Statements.

If you’re only sending tax slips to terminated employees, go to Delivering Tax Slips to Terminated Employees for more information.

How to Set Up Employees for Email Tax Slips

To email tax slips to your employees, they must have either a Tax Slips or Primary (Default) email, and Electronic Tax Slips must be selected on the Personal tab of their profile.

Additional Information
Tax slips are sent to the Tax Slip Email. If there isn’t a designated tax slip email, the employee’s tax slip will go to their Primary (Default) Email.

Step 1: Open the Employee Profile in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Employee Profile.

Step 2: Select the Employee.

Step 3: Select Electronic Tax Slips on the Personal tab if not selected.

Step 4: Ensure either the Tax Slip or Primary (default) is set.

Additional Information
Tax slips go to the Tax Slip Email. If there isn’t a tax slip email, it’s sent to the Primary (Default) Email.

Step 5: Select OK to save your changes.