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Delete Tax Slips

This is last year's information, but your 2021 tax slips will follow a similar process. Check back in January for more info!

Have incorrect tax slips that haven’t been sent to your employees or included in a file transmitted to the CRA or MRQ? This article will guide you through deleting these tax slips.

If you’ve already sent the tax slips to the government or provided them to your employees, you can't delete them. Go to Amending Tax Slips, Cancelling T4 and T4A Tax Slips, or Cancelling RL-1 and RL-2 Tax Slips for more information.

How to Make Your Selections

Step 1: Open Delete Tax Slip Images in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Tax Slip Processing >> Tax Slip Images.

Step 2: Select the correct Tax Year if not selected.

Step 3: Select the correct Slip Type if not selected.

Step 4: Determine if you want to delete the tax slips based on the created dates.

  • To delete tax slips regardless of when they are created, select All, if not selected.

  • To restrict based on the date the tax slip was created, select Created On Or After, then enter the date and time. Only tax slips created after this will be deleted.

Step 5: Select which Tax Slips Groups will have the tax slips deleted.

Step 6: Determine which employees will have tax slips deleted.

  • All: Print the tax slip for all employees.

  • Range: Select which employees will have the tax slip images printed.

Step 7: If all employees in the tax slip groups require tax slips to be deleted, skip to the How to Delete Your Tax Slip section below.

How to Restrict Tax Slips from Being Deleted

If you want to prevent tax slips from being deleted for select employees, you can create data filters. Only employees that meet the filter criteria will have their tax slip deleted.

An employee tax slip will be deleted if:

  • They're in a selected tax slip group

  • They’re in the range of employees

  • They meet the filter criteria

If you don’t want to restrict any employee tax slips from being deleted, skip to the How to Create The Tax Slips section below.

Step 1: Select the Data Filter tab.

Step 2: Select Define.

Step 3: If you are not filtering on an Employee Tax Slip Document field, select the correct tab.

  • Employee Tax Slip Data - Filters on some employee information from the tax slip.

  • Employee Profile - Filters on the information from the Employee Profile.