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Schedule Pooling Notifications for Managers

Schedule Pooling is equipped with push notifications to keep managers up to date on important information regarding employee schedules.

Managers get notified when something is awaiting their approval and when a new post gets added that doesn’t require approval. These notifications are built into Schedule Pooling, so there’s no setup required; all your managers need to do is decide if there are notifications they don’t want to receive.

Additional Information
Administrators can also create a notification that lets managers and employees know when there’s a posted schedule expiring that hasn’t been picked up. Take a look at Notifications when Post is About to Expire
 for more info on setting this up.

Managers can access notifications in English or French from the Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP) and Avanti Go.

List of Notifications

The following list summarizes all possible Schedule Pooling Notifications for managers. All of these notifications fall under one of two categories and are organized below accordingly. The two categories are Approval and Non-Approval.

Did you know managers can pick up shifts and act as employees? Go to Schedule Pooling Notifications for Employees for all the details.

Additional Information
The language of the notifications will follow the toggle in an Employee’s profile, either in English or French.


  • Post Needs Manager Approval: Gets sent to managers when an employee requests to post a schedule. Until a manager approves, these posts aren’t available in the pool for others to work.

  • Pickup Needs Manager Approval: Gets sent to managers when an employee requests to pick up a schedule.

  • Exchange Needs Manager Approval: Gets sent to managers when an employee requests to exchange a schedule.

Non Approval 

  • New Shifts in Pool: Gets sent to managers when an employee posts a schedule that does not require approval.

Turning Off Notifications

Want to turn off some or all of these notifications? No problem!

Step 1: Navigate to the Notification Center on ASSP by clicking the bell on the upper right corner.

Step 2: Navigate to Notification Settings, which can be accessed by clicking the three black dots.

Step 3: From here the toggle for Schedule Pooling Notifications is turned on by default, as well as the individual types of notifications . Simply toggle to the left to turn off all Schedule Pooling Notifications, or select which notifications you want on and off, via the remaining toggles.

By default, all notifications are on.

Congratulations! You've successfully selected your Schedule Pooling Notification preferences! Go to Schedule Pooling Notifications for Employees to learn more about employee notifications.

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