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What's New in Avanti 10.04

Here are all the latest changes included in Avanti 10.04.

Additional Employee Information Added to Personal Information

Your managers and employees can now view and update their additional Profile Fields in the New Avanti Experience. This employee information is unique to your business, allowing you to easily capture everything you need to know about your employees. Go to Additional Information Overview to learn more.

Are you already displaying additional figures, dates or text information for your employees in Personal Information? Check out Additional Information Transition Guide to start using it on the New Avanti Experience.

Additionally, Basic Information and Address now has two columns in Personal Information, so you can see more of your employee’s information at a glance.

Mobile and Primary Phone Number added to Emergency Contacts

Now you’ll immediately know which phone number to use when reaching out to your employee’s emergency contact. A primary phone number and a Mobile Phone have been added to Emergency Contacts in the Avanti Desktop, the Avanti Self-Service Portal, and the New Avanti Experience.

In the New Avanti Experience, the primary phone number displays here.

You can also find a mobile phone number and primary number for your employee’s dependents. By default, the primary phone number for your existing emergency contacts and dependents is their Home Phone.

Email Available on Compensation

Employees’ Past Pay Information is now easier to access. Now employees can email themselves a copy of their Compensation PDF, which is sent directly to their Pay Statements Email.

Additionally, your employee’s Compensation PDF now opens in a new tab with easy access to print and download, making it easier to compare past pay.

Time Cards Automatically Adjust for Daylight Savings Time

Put DST on autopilot with our new option to automatically adjust your employee’s time cards. Employees working overnight during the daylight savings time change will automatically have their time card adjusted by an hour and an exception on their time card.

Go to Apply Daylight Savings Time Setup to learn more.

Schedule Pooling

There’s new, intuitive changes to Schedule Pooling.

Stay in the know with Schedule Pooling Notifications 
There are new notifications for managers and employees, so everyone stays up-to-date on schedule statuses. Each user can choose when they are notified.

Employees are alerted when someone posts a schedule they can work, when a post is about to expire, and when there are changes to their posted schedule.

Managers get alerted when a post is awaiting their approval, when a post is about to expire, and when there is a pickup or exchange request.

Only allow Pickup Requests 

Only want your employees to create pickup requests? There’s a new option that prevents employees from swapping schedules. Go to our help centre article to learn more.

New Approval Process for Managers
We’ve transformed Schedule Pooling for Managers on ASSP, so approving requests is easier than ever.
Now, only Schedule Posts display in Pending Request. When you select the post, you’ll see all the employee requests to work the posted schedule, regardless of whether the request is for a swap or a pickup.

Are your managers still managing schedule changes on behalf of your employees? Go to Schedule Pooling Overview to learn more about getting started on Schedule Pooling.

OneDrive Integration

Avanti has integrated with OneDrive to allow clients new options for saving files. OneDrive has been newly integrated into the following locations within the Avanti Desktop.

  • Imports, such as Payroll Data Entry, Manual Cheques, Company Documents and Tax Slips

  • Exports, such as Export to Excel, Export Employee Documents, and G/L Exports

  • Imports and Exports found throughout Avanti when you select File.

  • Employee & Company Documents

  • Report Designer

To read more go to Saving to OneDrive.

New API Endpoints

We’ve added new endpoints so you can build integrations to keep your essential platforms aligned.

List, Add, and Delete GL Project Accounts
Unify the GL project accounts in your accounting system and Avanti by creating an integration with these three new endpoints.

Add Schedules and Payroll Data
Are you using a third-party to create schedules or gather employee time? The Add Schedules and Add Payroll Data endpoints allows you to bring the time into Avanti.

If you’re unsure about the setup of the pay codes used when adding schedules, to to List Pay Code Details for more details.

Employee Information
Keep your employee’s information aligned across your essential platforms with our new endpoints.

Get all your employee’s benefit information using our the List Employee Benefits endpoint, including coverage, premiums, and dependent information.

Additional Employee Information provide the ability to list and update all the employee information unique to your company’s setup.

Payroll Odds and Ends

Age Verification During a New Hire
You’ll now see a warning when you enter an employee’s birth date during a new hire and they’re less than 16 years old, the typical minimum working age for employees across Canada.

Previously, this would display when hiring employees younger than 15 years old.

Process Pay Run Description 
You can now create longer, more detailed descriptions in Process Pay Run. The description can now be up to 128 characters long. Previously, you could only enter a maximum of 30 characters.

Email Pay Statements Performance Improvements
With 10.04 you’ll notice that emailing your employees their pay statements from the Avanti Desktop is considerably faster than before.

Time & Attendance Odds and Ends

Punch Types and Verification Types Added to Clock Connect
You can now set how your employees can verify their identity on your Time Clocks. You can now update the Punch and Verification Types on your Clocks. For more information on changing these settings, check out our help centre articles, Employee Punch Types on Clocks and Setting the Allowed Employee Verification on Clocks.

Setting Up Schedules on Avanti Go
Now you can set Schedules on Avanti Go to display the same information as Time Entry on ASSP! We’ve added all the functionality from Mobile Time Entry Template into Time Entry Templates, so you’ll find all your employee setup in one place. Click here to learn more about setting up time on Avanti Go.

Since you’ll no longer need Mobile Time Entry Templates, we’ll remove it on your behalf in Avanti 10.06. You can remove it from your menu sooner if you’d like.

New Report Sources Added to Report Designer

There are new report sources to assist with designing reports.

Payroll Report Sources
Do you want to report on two pay runs that were processed for the same pay period end date? Process Date has been added as a new source, which you can use to filter your payroll reports.

  • History >> Miscellaneous >> Process Date

Human Resources Report Sources
Do you have reports for Emergency Contacts or Dependents? There are four new report sources you may want to include in your reports.

  • Dependents >> Primary Phone

  • Dependents >> Mobile Phone

  • Emergency Contacts >> Mobile Phone

  • Emergency Contacts >> Primary Phone

Time & Attendance Report Sources
Planning to use our new option to adjust Time Cards by Daylight Savings? You can easily track which employees had their time adjusted with this new report source.

  • Time Cards >> Exceptions >> Adjusted for DST

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