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Adding an Employee to a Clock

Before employees can use a time clock to Punch In and Out, they must be enrolled on the clock.

There are two ways to add an employee to clock:

  • Add the employee on the clock first and update their enrollment in Avanti.

  • Add the employee enrollment in Avanti first, then update their enrollment on the clock.

Additional Information
We recommend adding the employee in Employee Clock Data before adding them to the clock. If the employee starts work before they’re added in Avanti, you may need to add them to the clock first. Go to Adding an Employee Directly on a Clock
 to learn more.

This will guide you through adding an employee to Employee Clock Data in Avanti, then enrolling the employee on the clock. Employees can verify their identity by:

  • Facial Recognition

  • Fingerprint Recognition

  • Swipe cards - using a 125kHz HID card

  • Passwords

What You’ll Need Before Starting

  • Determine the employee’s PIN, the unique identifier for the employee on the clocks.

  • Have an administrator with access to add the user to the clock.

  • Have the employee, if using biometric identification (fingerprints/face).

  • Have the employee’s proximity card, if using proximity cards.

Add Employee in Avanti

Step 1: Open Employee Clock Data on the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Time Clocks >> Installation & Maintenance.

Step 2: Select Insert.

 Step 3: Select the employee.

Additional Information
Employees will be available for selection if they are active, have a work group, have an active position, and do not have an entry created in this program.

Step 4: Update the PIN, if incorrect. The PIN must be unique to the employee.

Step 5: Select the Authority Level on the clocks.

  • Select Security if the employee should be a clock administrator with access to add employee verification to the clocks and update the clock’s settings.

  • Select None if the employee should only be able to punch in and out.

Step 6: Select all the clocks the employee needs to punch in and out on Clocks.

Step 7: Select OK.

 Step 8: The following popup will appear. Select Yes to copy enrollments.

Step 9: The following popup will appear. Select Yes to copy this enrollment to all other selected clocks. Select no if you do not wish to copy the enrollment.

The employee will be available on the clock within 30 seconds, where you can add their biometric verification. Visit Update Employee Verification on uFace 800 Clocks for more information.

Employee biometric information will be automatically copied to all other clocks you have selected for them.

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