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Employee Document Review

For documents that you only want one employee to review you would use the Employee Document Review.

For example, you can use document reviews when you want employees to sign-off on a new position you're offering them.

Document Type

Employee Document Review uses the Document Type of the documents in the Employee Profile to determine which documents the employee will see listed for review on the Self-Service Portal. 

If you're concerned that incorrect documents will be up for review, you can create a new document type. For more information, go to Document Types.  

You can also set a Document Created After on the review. Only documents added to Avanti after this date will be reviewed by your employees.

Create & Setup Employee Document Review

The Employee Document Review controls what the employee sees when they are reviewing the document on the Self-Service Portal. Each Employee Document Review is customizable and can display user-defined messages before, and after, the document for review. Options to allow employee comments, and the available employee responses can also be setup now.

  1. Open Web Services > Installation and Maintenance > Employee Document Review Setup.

  2. Press Insert, at the bottom. The Insert – Employee Document Review Setup form will open.

  3. Select the Document Type.

  4. Select the Comment Option to use.

    7 31 2018 10 50 04 AM
    Comment Option

    The comment option, if used, will provide a space for the employee to enter their own comments after reviewing the document. Comments will be saved with the completed employee review in the Employee Profile.

    NoneDoes not allow comments to be added by employees.
    CommentAllows an optional comment to be entered by the employee.
    Comment RequiredRequires the employee to leave a comment after reviewing the document.

Customize Top/Bottom Message

Now we will setup the two customizable messages that the employee will see when they review the document on the Self-Service Portal.

For the example of the employment contract, the top message will be a simple statement to review the contract. The bottom message will appear above the Response Messages, and instructions for selecting an appropriate response are included in the bottom message here.

  1. Optionally, enter the Top Message.

  2. Optionally, enter the Bottom Message.

  3. Check the Active option.

    7 31 2018 10 53 07 AM

    The Employee Document Review must be Active to be seen on the Self-Service Portal.

    The Employee Document Review can optionally be setup to run for a given period of time, by select the Review Start and Review End Dates. By default Review Start Date will be set to the same day the review was created, and the Review End Date is set far into the future.

    Documents available for employee review can be filtered by creation date using the Document Create After, and/or Document Create Before values. Documents have a creation date automatically added to them when they are added to the Employee Profile.

Create Employee Response Message(s)

After reviewing the document the employee must select one response from the Response Messages. A simple confirmation is all that is required for our example, but we could have setup two responses, one ‘Agree’, another ‘Disagree’, for the employee to choose from as well.

  1. Press Insert. A form will open with fields to enter a message into.

  2. Enter your response into Message.

  3. Press OK. The form will close, and the new response will appear in the Response Messages list.

    7 31 2018 10 56 57 AM

    Repeat these steps for each Response Message required.

  4. Press OK. The Insert – Employee Document Review Setup form will close, and the new Document Review Setup will appear in the Employee Document Review Setup list.

Add Document to Employee Profile

Each document to be reviewed by the employee must now be added to their Employee Profile. Once added, they will automatically be available for review by the employee from the Self-Service Portal.

  1. Open Canadian Payroll > Employee Profile > Employee Profile.

  2. Select the Employee to add a document for.

  3. Select the Documents tab.

  4. Press Insert, at the bottom of the Documents tab. The Insert – Documents form will open.

  5. Enter the document Description.

  6. Select the document Type that was created previously.

    You can enter an optional document Summary for the Employee Document at this point.

Attach File to Employee Document

  1. Select a File, by pressing the image button.

  2. From the File Explorer that open select the file to attach.

  3. Attach the selected file to the Employee Document by pressing Open now.

    7 31 2018 11 05 52 AM

    Revision, Created By, Created Date, Last Modified By, and Last Modified Date will automatically be filled in when a file is selected.

Save Employee Document

  1. Press Save. The Insert – Documents form will close and the new document will appear in the documents list.

Self-Service Portal Example

The following is an example of what the employee will see when reviewing the document on the Self-Service Portal.

7 31 2018 11 21 01 AM
1Top Message is displayed here.
2Preview of the attached file will be displayed inline if supported by the web browser and file type.
3Bottom Message is displayed here.
4The Response Messages will be displayed here.
5Employee Comments can be entered here (if enabled).

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