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Company Document Review Reports on ASSP

Company document review reports have been added into ASSP to allow the ability to view employee responses, as well as employees who have not yet viewed mandatory documents.

Do you want to run this report from the Avanti Desktop instead of ASSP? Visit Company Document Review Reports on Desktop for more information.

The report generated will include the following information about the Company Document:

  • ID

  • Description

  • Document Type

  • File Name

  • Review Start Date

The report generated will include the following information from the employee’s review of the document:

  • Viewed Date

  • Date Reviewed

  • Response

  • Comment

To generate your company document review report follow the steps listed below.

How to Set Up the Company Document Review Report

Step 1: Open Maintain Web Reports in the Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found under Web Services >> Installation and Maintenance.

Step 2: Select Insert.

Step 3: Select Company Document Review Report from the dropdown.

Step 4: Select Role Type.

Additional Information
The Role Type, along with Pay Group Access, determines which employees the Managers and Regular Users can access in the feature. For more information on roles, go to Role Assignments.

For example, if Time Entry is selected, Managers and Regular Users must have a role assigned to the employee’s position for time entry to be able to the employees in the new feature.

Step 5: Select the User Groups for the people who can access this report.

Additional Information
Only users in one of the selected User Groups can access the New Feature.

If a User Group is selected in Access User Groups that’s not selected in the New Feature, they’ll still be able to access the corresponding feature in the current experience if they have access.

Step 6: Select OK.

Additional Information
If you haven’t already added Payroll Reports to the Web Menu, you’ll need to do so before you can access it on ASSP. Go to How to Add New Items to Your Avanti Menus 
for more information.

How to Generate the Company Document Review Report

Step 1: Open Payroll Reports in ASSP and select Company Document Review Report for Report.
By default, this can be found under Reporting.

Step 2: Deselect any company documents that shouldn’t be included in the report.

Step 3: Deselect the Options based on what you’d like included in the report.

  • Deselecting Include Reviewed Documents only shows employees if they haven’t reviewed a company document.

  • Deselecting Include Not Reviewed Documents only shows Reviewed Documents.

  • Deselecting Include Inactive Reviews only includes company documents that have an active review.

  • Deselecting Include Expired Reviews only shows company documents with an expiry date in the future or no expiry date.

Step 4: Once you’ve finished making the report selections, choose the format you’d like to save the report.

Step 5: Select Download Report.

Congratulations! You have successfully generated your company document review report.

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