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Check Out What's New in Avanti 24.5.2

Here’s all the latest changes included in Avanti 24.5.2.

Time Off Requests on Avanti Go

Put time off insights into your employees' pockets with Time off requests on Avanti Go. For those using time entry on ASSP to show availability, your employees will be able to see their request status and history on Avanti Go. Tap on an entry to look at its details.


For employees with multiple time entry templates on ASSP, the same templates are on Avanti Go. Tap the dropdown menu and select your template.


Time off requests works in tandem with Available leave. Using both together, employees can see their available time off and their time off requests.


For more details, check out the Available Leave and Time Off Requests on Avanti Go Overview. Want to start? See the Available Leave and Time Off Requests on Avanti Go Setup Guide.

Earnings Taxed Using The Bonus Tax Method

In the rare scenario that an employee’s annualised income is $5000 or less at the time of processing, bonus earnings will be taxed at 15% without applying other basic credits. This is only for earnings taxed using the bonus tax method.

This applies to employees who have all of the following:

  • No basic rate of pay.

  • No estimated annual taxable income.

  • No pay during the year that isn’t taxed using bonus tax method.

  • Any other earnings in the pay period were taxed using the bonus tax method.

French Descriptions

We’re making changes to add more French throughout Avanti. You can prepare by adding in the French Descriptions for more Applicant Management Codes.

For now, these aren’t supported yet when adding applicant information on the Avanti Self-Service Portal or the Avanti Desktop.

  • Source Codes

  • Availability Codes

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