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Check out What's New in Avanti 23.3.1

Here are all the latest changes included in Avanti 23.3.1.

Avanti Version Changes

To celebrate the end of Avanti On-Prem and modernize our naming conventions, the Avanti Version now reflects the year of the release, followed by the month and the release number. This change will also be reflected in Avanti Go.

In this release, 23 represents the year, and 3 indicates Avanti was updated in March. The 1 identifies that this is the first release in March.

Disable Sign in with Microsoft

For those who wish to hide the Sign in with Microsoft button from the ASSP login page, a new global web setting, DisableAzureActiveDirectoryLogin, has been added to ASSP. This is only applicable if you’re using Azure Active Directory.

By default, Sign in with Microsoft continues to display when you log in to ASSP. This setting can be enabled by selecting Edit and setting the value to true. Once this setting is changed, users will enter their Azure login credentials into Username and Password when logging into Avanti.

Want to start using Microsoft Sign On to log into Avant? Visit Set Up Microsoft Sign-On in Avanti for For more information.

Clock Connect Log Update

The Log File of your Clock Connect now includes more detail regarding clock operations, allowing you more insight into what has happened on the clock.

This allows you to track any changes to administrative settings and when a clock is turned on or off. From now on, you can view what was done to a clock and by whom; however, this update will not allow you to track changes done in the past. To learn more, visit Using the Clock Connect Log.

Onboarding Bank Update

Simplii Financial has been added to the list of financial institutions in the Employee Onboarding process.

Avanti Go Pay Statements

Pay statements in Avanti Go can now be conveniently exported using the new download function on your pay statement PDFs. This feature is supported on both IOS and Android.