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Geofencing Setup Guide

Before managers can create worksites, Worksite Geofences must be enabled. Let’s show you the ropes on how regular users can set up Worksite Geofences in ASSP. From there, managers and regular users can create worksite geofences and assign employees to worksites.

For more on geofencing, check out the Geofencing Overview. Once set up, Geofencing Worksites details assigning employees to worksites. If an employee isn’t already using Check In/Out on Avanti Go, see Schedule and Check In/Out Setup on Avanti Go.

Start by enabling geofencing in ASSP.

Step 1: Go into ASSP and select System Configuration.


Step 2: Under System, select New Experience.

Step 3: Select Start Setup.

Additional Information
If you’re already moved to the latest ASSP, you won’t see this screen. Skip to Step 5

Step 4: Select Continue.

Additional Information
If you’re already moved to the latest ASSP, you won’t see this screen. Skip to Step 5

Step 5: Select Worksite Geofences if it’s not already selected. If Worksite Geofences isn’t set up, Edit will automatically open when Worksite Geofences is selected. If it doesn’t, select Edit.


Step 6: Select a Role Type to determine which employees your managers and regular users can assign to worksites.

Additional Information
If no Role Type is selected, the default is Time Entry. For information about roles, see Role Assignments


Step 7: Select the User Groups. Anyone in one of the selected User Groups can access Worksite Geofences.


Step 8: Set your desired Responsibility level for Add, Edit, View, and Delete.

  • A * grants access to all users.

  • Enter an A to restrict access the most. Only users with will have access.

  • Enter any other letter. Users with that letter will have access. Users with a letter between that level of access and A will also have access.

Additional Information
Responsibility levels range from A to Z, with A being the most restrictive. The user’s responsibility level is based on their assigned User Groups. Go to Responsibilities for more information. 
For example, if the Edit Responsibility is B, the user must have A or B access to modify the worksite.  


Step 9: Select Save.


Step 10: Select Finish.


Step 11: Select Exit Configuration.


Now, you can go on to set up worksites. See Geofencing Worksites. If your employees aren’t set up to use Check In/Out, see Schedule and Check In/Out Setup on Avanti Go.

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