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How to Receive Workflow Notifications on Avanti Go

Keep your employees in the know by updating all your workflow notifications to appear in Avanti Go. As an administrator, you can ensure your team receives workflow notifications in both the Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP) and Avanti Go. 

It's easy: once you've enabled Avanti Notifications, complete the following for each notification you would like sent to Avanti Go.

Additional Information
Avanti Go and ASSP notifications are linked; updating notifications ensures they'll appear in both.

Update notification on a Workflow

Step 1: Open Maintain Workflows in the Avanti Desktop. 
By default, this can be found in Workflows.

Step 2: Double-click on the Workflow you'd like to update. 

 Step 3: Select the task/action for the notification you would like displayed on Avanti Go. 

Additional Information
The following tasks and actions send notifications: 

  • Job Request Approval Settings
  • Create Job Settings
  • Request New Hire Settings
  • Review New Hire Information Settings
  • Request Termination Settings
  • Generate Report Settings
  • Terminate Employee Settings
  • Generate Employee Document Settings
  • Send Notification Settings
  • Initialize Onboarding Settings

Step 4: Select the Notification tab if it is not the first tab displayed. 

Step 5: On the Notifications tab, select Send Avanti Notification to include the notification on Avanti Go.

Step 6: Once Send Avanti Notification is selected, you can choose the Avanti Notification Type from the active notification types defined in Web Services >> Installation & Maintenance. 

Additional Information
Avanti Notification Types categorize the Workflow Notifications. Based on these categories, you can determine which notifications are required. Employees can opt out of receiving these notifications if they're not required.

Step 7: Select OK to save the changes to the Notifications. 

Step 8: Save your change to the Workflow by selecting OK

Congratulations! Your team will now receive the selected notification on Avanti Go and ASSP in addition to how you previously notified them. 

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