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Issue a Cheque

Sometimes a cheque is preferred over using direct-deposit when paying an employee.

  • The employee does not have direct-deposit information available,

  • The employee was terminated mid-period and must be paid immediately,

  • Paying a payroll correction by cheque.

Process Employee Payroll

  1. Open Canadian Payroll > Payroll Processing > Process Pay Run.

Pay Run Options

  1. Select the Payment Date, and Pay Period Ending date.

    Post Dated Cheque

    Payment Date entered will be printed on the cheqeue.


    Description can be left blank and one will be generated for you.

  2. Enable Process One Employee and Make Payments by Cheque Only.

    Make Payments by Cheque Only

    Enabling this option is required to generate the pay cheque.

  3. From the Employee drop-down select the employee.

    6 29 2018 2 11 15 PM

Process Pay Run

  1. Start the pay run processing by pressing OK.

    • Status messages will be displayed in the Progress box during payroll processing.

    • Red messages are system warnings, but will not stop payroll processing.

    • Payroll processing will finish with the status message "Processing completed successfully".

    Print Pay Run

    At this point the pay run Progress messages can be printed by pressing Print.

  2. Press Exit now.

    6 29 2018 1 46 25 PM
    Review Pay Run

    Review the Pay Roll Registers & Sumaries, Processed Time, G/L Distrubtion now.

Print Cheque

  1. Open Canadian Payroll > Payroll Processing > Cheque/Statement Printing > Print Cheques.

  2. Open the Cheque Selection tab.

  3. Select the Print Form to use for printing the cheque.

    cheque setup
    Cheque Range

    Defaults to the employee cheque when processing payroll for a single employee.

Printer Setup

  1. Open the Printer Setup tab.

  2. Enable the Printer option and select to printer to print the cheque with from the drop-down.

    Preview Cheque

    Preview the cheque by pressing Print Preview before printing them.

    6 29 2018 2 24 59 PM
  3. Print the cheque by pressing Print.

    6 29 2018 1 43 02 PM

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