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Check out What's New in Avanti 10.07

Here are all the latest changes included in Avanti 10.07.

Provincial and Federal Tax Form Revamp

Both Federal and Provincial TD1 Tax forms have been redesigned with a more modern display. Rather than a fillable government PDF form, employees will now fill out a web form when completing Onboarding on ASSP.

TD1 Form Download

When printing a Federal or Provincial TD1 form, employees now access a PDF document. These PDFs are available in English and French.

Upon selecting Download PDF, the form will appear and you can save it to your computer.

Additional Functionality Added to Provincial TD1 Forms

Checkboxes on the second page of Provincial TD1 forms now reflect the TD1 information in Avanti. The first box is checked when you have more than one employer at a time, and the second box is checked when your income is less than the total claim amount.

Reconnect to the Avanti Desktop

A Reconnect button has been added to the Avanti Desktop so that you don't have to log in again if you become disconnected. You’ll know you’re disconnected when the following appears on the bottom right-hand corner of the Avanti Desktop.

Reconnect is available in the Cloud Client Application icon tray immediately upon disconnection. Sessions have been extended to become disconnected after five minutes of inactivity, rather than two minutes.

Use PCL when Printing

PCL Printing is now supported when printing on the Avanti Desktop; you’ll want to use this option when printing cheques on blank forms.

Ignore Multifactor Authentication for Microsoft Sign-On

Does your organization verify some users using Avanti Security and others with Microsoft Sign-On? You can now increase security for Avanti Security Users while streamlining login for users authenticating using Microsoft Sign-On by omitting Avanti Multifactor Authentication for anyone using Microsoft Single Sign-On to log in.

This way, users authenticating using Avanti Security will continue to verify with Avanti Multifactor Authentication. Users authenticating using Microsoft Single Sign-On won’t see Avanti Multifactor Authentication; the Azure Multifactor Authentication will continue if it’s set up.

For more information on enabling this option, please visit Disable Avanti MFA When Using Azure Authentication.

Mobile Time Entry Template Deprecation

In Spring, we combined the schedule set up for Avanti Go with your Time Entry Templates, so you only have to create setup your schedule display once.

As promised, we’ve removed Mobile Time Entry Templates from your Web Menu in 10.07, since it’s no longer used. To learn more about setting up schedules in Avanti Go, go to Schedule and Web Punch Setup on Avanti Go.

Downloading and Opening Documents

To alleviate issues with file compatibility and viewing, you will now download and open documents using your personal terminal, rather than our remote terminal.

When opening a document within the Avanti Desktop, you will now be prompted to download the document to your preferred location. By default, files will be saved to your download folder. Once your file is saved, it opens automatically.

PDF Viewer Update

To simplify your viewing experience and improve security, Google Chrome is now the program used to open PDFs within the Avanti Desktop. You'll continue to enjoy the same functionality as before, just more securely.

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