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Process Manual Payments

On occasion, you may pay employees from a system outside Avanti. Once you’ve processed an employee payment in another system, you’ll want to add it to Avanti without paying the employee again.

Process manual payments includes these amounts in the employee’s entitlement and year-to-date totals without paying the employee from Avanti. The payment populates the employee’s pay history, ROEs and tax slips in Avanti.

You can add these payments as manual cheques in Avanti, regardless of which system you used to pay the employee. There are two things you’ll need to do:

  1. Create the manual cheque - All you’ll need is the payment’s dates, cheque number, earnings and deduction information.

  2. Process the manual cheque - Create a pay run for the manual cheque and review. Once you’ve confirmed everything’s correct, update the pay run.

Important Information
Be sure to include all pay and GL information; automatic earnings, deduction or benefits aren’t included unless you add them.

How to Create the Manual Cheque

Step 1: Open Manual Cheques in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Manual/Cancelled Payments.

Additional Information
Manual Cheques lists employees with a manually issued cheque ready to be processed. It displays the cheque number and date, the period end date for the cheque, and the Bank issuing the cheque. Once the cheque is processed and updated, it gets removed from this list.

Step 2: Select Insert.

Step 3: Select the Employee paid outside of Avanti.

Step 4: Enter the Cheque Number, if applicable.

Step 5: On the Dates/Bank tab, update the following.

  • Cheque Date

  • Pay Period Ending Date

  • Paid From Bank

Step 6: Select Insert on the Earning tab.

Step 7: Update the following, then select OK:

  • Earning Code

  • Units & Rate

  • G/L Account

Step 8: Repeat Steps 6 and 7 for each earning paid.

Step 9: Select Insert on the Deductions tab.

Step 10: Update the following, then select OK:

  • Deduction Code

  • Deduction Amount

  • Benefit Amount

  • Benefit GL

  • Eligible Earnings & Units

Additional Information
It’s important to include Eligible Earnings and Units for CPP and EI, to ensure your employee’s ROEs are accurate.

Step 11: Repeat Steps 9 and 10 for each deduction.

Step 12: Once you finish entering all the earnings, deductions and benefits required for this manual payment, select the Totals tab for review.

Additional Information
Here you can see the payment breakdown and verify the Net Cheque Amount.

Step 13: Once you verified the payment is correct, select OK.

Step 14: Repeat Steps 2 - 14 for each employee you paid outside Avanti.

How to Process the Manual Cheque

Once you’ve finished adding all the manual cheques, you’re ready to process them.

Step 1: Open Process Manual/Cancel Payments.
By default, this can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Payroll Processing.

Additional Information
The Payment Date displayed on this screen isn’t used; the date entered on the manual cheque is used for each employee.

Step 2: Select the Pay Ending Date and adjust the Description, if desired.