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Avanti Release FAQ

We would like to thank you for your patience with our recent updates. We recognize that our planned outages may raise some questions among you and your team, and we hope that the FAQs below help answer any concerns.

Can I use my software during a planned outage?

No, you will not have access to Avanti during the scheduled outage. We have built a standing release window from 8:00 PM MDT - 12:00 AM MDT to provide consistency to our clients. As releases are something that benefits our clients and are necessary, we will always provide you with a reminder of the window for the planned outage.

Can I postpone or book my own update time?

Postponing your update or booking your own time is not an option. While we can't accommodate this request, please be assured that these dates and times have been chosen with all of our client's best interests in mind.

How long will this update take?

Our planned downtime is typically scheduled from 8:00 PM MDT - 12:00 AM MDT unless noted otherwise in our Release Communications. While our updates usually do not take up the full scheduled downtime, we have included buffer time in case our team runs into unexpected blockers.

Where can I access the most current Release Notes?

All of our Release Notes will be linked via our Release Notes page as soon as they are available. Our goal is to give as much downtime notice to our clients as possible. If you have received a Release Communication without a link to the Release Notes, fret not; they will be published as soon as they are ready!

Will I be notified when my update is complete?

Currently, there is no notification available for when an update is complete. However, we are working hard to improve our update procedures to help increase transparency and reduce the impact and downtime. Please be assured that our internal team is working diligently to ensure the update is completed within the scheduled timeframe.

I would like to add/remove recipients from the Release Communications

Absolutely! If you would like to remove or add recipients to our Release Communications, don't hesitate to contact your dedicated Account Manager to make the adjustment.

Why does Avanti have so many releases?

You may have noticed an increase in Avanti Releases - our goal is to ensure that we build a better experience for you and your team. We used to release quarterly, but as we focus on modernizing our software, we have decided to address any known bug issues as soon as possible so that your team and payroll are not impacted. In doing so, we are able to get you updates as soon as they are ready so you can be sure you’re always using the latest version.

Would you like to chat more about Avanti Releases?

We are continuously working towards creating a better release experience for everyone involved. If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our Product Marketing team at

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