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Save Employee Tax Slips

This is last year's information, but your 2021 tax slips will follow a similar process. Check back in January for more info!

Save Tax Slip Images will create employee tax slips on the Employee Profile. This is necessary if you’re providing your employee tax slips on the Avanti Self-Service Portal, sending them via email, or providing a printed copy (unless using a pre-printed form). 

If employees access their tax slips on the Avanti Self-Service Portal, they can access this year's tax slips once the delay has passed. For more information on setting up the delay, go to Delay Tax Slip Display on ASSP

Additional Information
If you currently don’t display tax slips on the Avanti Self-Service Portal and would like to start using this feature, go to Set Up Tax Slips on ASSP for more information. 

You must validate the tax slips before you can save them. If you need to validate, go to Validate Tax Slip Groups for more information.

How to Make Your Tax Slip Selections

Each type of tax slip is created from a different program within Avanti.

Step 1: In the Avanti Desktop Application, open the program for the tax slip images you are saving:

  • Save T4 Images

  • Save T4A Images

  • Save T4A/RCA Images

  • Save RL-1 Images

  • Save RL-2 Images

  • Save NR4 Images

By default, these can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Tax Slip Processing >> Tax Slip Images.

Step 2: Select 2020 for Tax Year if not selected.

Step 3: Select the correct Data Type:

  • Original file: Select to create your employee's first tax slip of the year. Saving an Original file again will remove any previous tax slips, including amended/cancelled for that employee, and replace with a new original.

  • Amended file: Select to create amended slips. Each time you save an amended slip, it will create a new amended slip for your employees.

  • Cancelled file: Select to cancel your original tax slip.

Additional Information
Are you creating Amended or Cancelled tax slips? Go to Amended Tax Slips, Cancelled T4/T4A, or Cancelled RL1/RL2 for more information.

Step 4: Select Save Copy 1 to include the Ministère du Revenu copy as well as the employee’s copy of the tax slip.

Additional Information
This is only available when you’re saving RL1s or RL2

When Save Copy 1 is deselected, only the employee’s tax slip will save.

Step 5: Determine if you’d like to include any additional information in the Employee’s name and address section of the tax slips:

  • Select Print Emp No to include the employee’s number.

  • Select Print Location to include the description of the employee’s location from the Employment Data tab of the Employee Profile.

  • Select Print Delivery Code to include the ID of the employee’s delivery code from the Payment Method tab of the Employee Profile.

Additional Information
Print Emp No, Print Location, and Print Delivery Code are only available if you’re saving T4s. 

Step 6: Select which Tax Slip Groups will have tax slips created.

Additional Information
Tax Slips will only be created for employees in the selected tax slip groups. 

Step 7: Select the employees who will have saved tax slips.

  • All:  Save the tax slip images for all employees.

  • Range: Saves the tax slip images for Employees in the range selected.

Step 8: Confirm whether the correct employees are selected:

  • If you need to further restrict employees who will have tax slips saved, proceed to the How To Restrict the Tax Slips From Being Saved section below.

Step 9: Select Save once the correct employees are selected.

Important Information
The tax slips will be immediately created once you select Save.