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Print Tax Slip Review Listings

Review Listings summarizes all employee tax slip data into a single report and it always includes a summary of vital tax slip information for each group. You can also include tax slip information for each employee in the group.

The listings will include the tax slip boxes with an amount. Additionally, it displays any CPP, QPP, EI, and QPIP discrepancies of more than a dollar.

Summaries include employer information, the number of tax slips, each tax slip box with an amount, and critical information from the slips.

You can also find the total CRA remuneration for the tax slip group in the T4 Summary Section. You can compare these to CRA submission statements and any other balancing documents.

How to Make Your Review Listing Selections

Step 1: In the Avanti Desktop Application, open the correct Review Listing:

  • T4 Review Listing

  • T4A Review Listing

  • RL-1 Review Listing

  • RL-2 Review Listing

  • NR4 Review Listing

  • T4A/RCA Review Listing

By default, these can be found in Canadian Payroll >> Tax Slip Processing >> Review Listings.

Additional Information
Before you can create your Review Listings, you’ll need to validate your tax slips. For more information on validating, go to Validate Your Tax Slips.

Step 2: Select 2022 for Tax Year.

Step 3: Select the tax slip groups you’d like to include.

Step 4: Opt to include the amounts for each employee or just print the summary for each tax slip group.

  • Select Print Totals Only to only include the amounts for each tax slip group.

  • Deselect Print Totals Only to include the amounts for each employee.

Step 5: Opt to combine the amounts for each province the employee was employed in.

How to Save Your Review Listings

Step 1: On the Printer Setup tab, select Save As, if not already selected.

Step 2: Navigate to the location, save the file with a unique file name for the report.

Step 3: In Format, select your preferred file type.

Step 4: If you want to open the file immediately, select Open file after saving.

Step 5: Select Save to create the report.

Step 6: Go to the How to Make Your Review Listing Selections section above and repeat until you have created a review listing for each tax slip group.

Congratulations! You’re all done saving and auditing the Review Listing and you’re ready for the next step in the tax slip process, Tax Slip Balancing.

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