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Benefit Carriers

Insurance Carrier information can be added and then linked to the benefits which they provide. Insurance Carrier information can include the client number, policy number, address, and contact information.

Including the Insurance Carrier within Avanti is used for reference, but has no impact on the workings and administration of benefits.

To add information for a new Insurance Carrier follow these steps:

  1. Open Benefits Administration > Insurance Carriers.

  2. Add a new Insurance Carrier by pressing Insert.

  3. Enter the Insurance Carrier information:

    Carrier DescriptionEnter an identifying description of the carrier. Can be up to 128 characters.
    CarrierSelect from the list of pre-defined carriers.
    Client NumberEnter the client number supplied by the carrier. Can be up to 30 characters.
    Address, City, Province, Country, Postal CodeEnter the corporate address for the carrier.
    Email, Fax, EmailEnter the available contact methods for the carrier.
    Contact NameEnter the name of the contact at the carrier.
    Contact WebsiteEnter the URL of the carrier website.
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Figure 1. Example of the Insurance Carrier information.

Linking Insurance Carrier with benefits

Link the Insurance Carrier with the benefits they provide:

  1. Open Benefits Administration > Benefit Codes.

  2. Open the benefit to link to a carrier by double-clicking on the Benefit Code.

  3. From the Benefit Data tab, select the appropriate Carrier.

  4. Save the changes by pressing OK.

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