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Issuing Multiple ROEs for the same employee.

The following article is a guide on issuing a Record of Employment (ROE) for an employee that already has one.

Step 1

Within your Avanti, please go into Canadian Payroll > Employee Profile > Select the employee > go to the dates tab:

Uncheck the ‘ROE Issued’ checkbox, if it is not already unchecked and add a ‘Last Hire’ date (ensure that this date is the first date that the employee worked, after their previous ROE was issued):

Step 2

Please go into Canadian Payroll > Record of Employment > ROE Data Maintenance:

Select ‘Extract’. If the employee is terminated select ‘Terminated’ otherwise, select ‘Not Terminated’, and enter Last Day Worked and Reason Code:

After extraction, you will see the ROE in the below window:

To view the details of an individual ROE, double-click on the ROE with the appropriate dates:

Further details can also be seen under the Hours/Earnings, Other Payments, and Comments tabs:

Once you have confirmed the data for the RoE is correct, navigate back into the ROE Data Maintenance window, select the newer ROE and click on ‘Export’:

Please ensure that ‘Exclude Previously Exported ROE’ is checked:

Please address any validation errors. And then you are done!

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