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ASSP Essentials for Managers (2024-03)

Below, you’ll find the answers to all the questions asked during the webinar Essentials for Managers. Here’s the video if you’d like to watch the webinar again.

Don’t miss out on the insights shared in the presentation. Check out the slides from the webinar, which are attached at the bottom of this article.

Q: How can we confirm that the calculation step is correct on the enhanced CPP2 and QPP2 codes?

A: The eCPP2 and eQPP2 Calc. steps should be the same as on your regular CPP and QPP code.

For example, if your regular CPP code is configured as Calc. step 6, then your eCPP2 code should mirror this as Calc. step 6. You can easily make this adjustment in Avanti by modifying the Calc. step on the eCPP2 code to match the corresponding CPP code. This ensures that your eCPP2 is calculated accurately.


Please keep in mind, the Calc. step configuration in your company may differ from the example provided. For example, if your CPP code is at Calc. step 5, your eCPP2 will also need to be a Calc. step 5.

Be sure to review this for your eQPP2 code if you have Quebec employees and make adjustments if necessary. If you need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Client Care team.

Q: Does the Windows Access Type on the User Group allow access to the Avanti Desktop?

A: Yes, that is correct! Windows Access on the User Group provides access to the Avanti Desktop. Here is a clarification on all the Access Types:

  • Windows is access to the Avanti Desktop.

  • Web Only is access to the Avanti Self-Service Portal.

  • Windows and Web provide access to the Avanti Self-Service Portal and Avanti Desktop.

You can update this on the User Group. By default, this can be found in System Administration >> System Access Controls.


Q: Where can we see the different responsibility levels?

A: Check out Responsibilities to learn more about the User Responsibility Levels.

Q: Why is Available Leave not shown in the area for managers?

A: Available Leave, like other web menus, can be available for whichever users you want.

Available Leave isn’t a manager-specific function; it only displays employees’ information to themselves, and managers cannot view other employees’ info. Go to the Available Leave Overview to learn more; if you’re ready to get started, check out the Available Leave Setup Guide.

Q: How do you add the Entitlements to manager access on the Avanti Self-Service Portal?

A: If administrators already use Entitlements on ASSP, you can grant managers access by adding their User Group to the Entitlements menu. If there is a ’ * ’ under Selected group, it indicates that all users have access to this menu item.

You can do this on the Web Menu in the Avanti Desktop. By default, this can be found in Web Services >> Installation & Maintenance.


Q: Is there a webinar explaining how to use scheduling on Avanti more efficiently?

A: Fantastic question and suggestion! We absolutely plan to host a future webinar specifically focused on schedule functionalities. Stay tuned for updates!

To learn more about the upcoming webinars and register, check out Skill-Up with Avanti.

Q: The Employee Directory isn’t available on the Web Menu in Web Services. Where can I add it?

A: You can find it within System Configuration on ASSP. Go to the Employee Directory Setup Guide for more information on how to set it up.

Q: Is there a way to easily identify all the positions that a user doesn’t have access to?

A: The quickest way to identify positions that aren’t assigned to a user is to go through the positions in Role Assignments in the Avanti Desktop or ASSP to find those that appear black. Black indicates that the user doesn’t have roles for that position.


Q: How can I see the roles assigned to a person on ASSP?

A: If a user has a role assigned, the position will appear in blue in Role Assignments in ASSP and Avanti Desktop. Hovering your cursor over the position to view the user’s access, role type, and the date range they will have access to this position.


Resources mentioned during the webinar:

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