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Check out What's New in Avanti 24.4.1

Here are all the latest changes included in Avanti 24.4.1.

Move to the Avanti Cloud Client

You’ll now have to use the Avanti Cloud Client to access the Avanti Desktop; RDP access is no longer available.

If you’re not using the Avanti Cloud Client yet, you can find all the details in Downloading the Avanti Cloud Client. You’ll know you’re using the Avanti Cloud Client if you see this before logging into the Avanti Desktop.


Avanti Go

Find out more about everything new in our mobile app, Avanti Go. Not using Avanti Go yet? Go to the Avanti Go Setup Guide to learn more.

Worksite Geofencing on Avanti Go

You can ensure your employees are at one of their designated worksites before they can check in for work on Avanti Go with Avanti Geofencing.


If an employee tries to check in outside the worksite, they’re asked to move to their worksite so they can check in. If employees opt into Region Monitoring, we’ll remind them to check out when they leave the worksite if they’ve forgotten to.

You can create and assign employees to as many worksites as you wish.


Want to learn more? Check out the Geofencing Overview for more information. To use Geofencing, an employee must be Checking In and Out on Avanti Go.

Tax Slips on Avanti Go

Employees can now see their essential tax info on the go with Tax Slips. Here, employees can see these tax slips created in Avanti:

  • T4s

  • T4As

  • RL-1s

  • RL-2s

  • T4A-RCAs

  • NR4s

Tax Slips on Avanti Go is designed to work with Tax Slip Forms on the Avanti Self-Service Portal. Many of the same settings are used for both. Go to the Tax Slips on Avanti Go Overview to learn more.


Already using Tax Slips Forms on ASSP? Check out Adding Tax Statements on the Avanti Go Menu to set up Tax Slips on Avanti Go.

Go to Tax Slip Setup on ASSP & Avanti Go if you’re not displaying tax slips electronically and want to start. You’ll need to have tax slip images created to display the slips on ASSP and Avanti Go.

French Descriptions

Here’s all the changes to French descriptions included in Avanti 24.4.1.

Consigned Property on the Avanti Desktop

You’ll now see the French descriptions for property information when viewing and printing throughout Property and Property by Employee on the Avanti Desktop.

Company Documents on ASSP

When viewing the Avanti Self-Service Portal in French, you’ll now see the French descriptions for Company Documents. If one hasn’t been created for the document yet, you’ll continue to see the English description.

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