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What's New in Avanti 10.05

Here are all the latest changes included in Avanti 10.05, the July 1st, 2022 Tax Release.

2022 CRA Tax Changes

10.05 includes changes for the CRA 116th tax update. There are No Federal changes, only Provincial changes for New Brunswick and British Columbia.

To review the rates and values, visit 2022 Source Deductions, Rates, and Payroll Changes.

British Columbia

The Provincial Labour Sponsored Funds Tax Credit Rate no longer applies. We’ve automatically removed this credit when processing pay with a payment date on or after July 1st.

New Brunswick

Effective January 1st, 2022, the Basic Personal Amount has increased to $11,720. Since your employees’ had a lower Basic Personal Amount for the first six months of the year, they’ll get a prorated amount of $12,623 for the remainder of the year.

Once Avanti 10.05 is applied, the prorated amount is used when the payment date is on or after July 1st.

Additional Information
Since CRA only recently published the updated New Brunswick TD1s, Onboarding has not been updated with the new form. However, during Onboarding, new employees can enter the prorated TD1 amount.

We’ll let you know once there’s an update available with the new forms. In the meantime, be sure to review your new employees hired after July 1st in New Brunswick to ensure the amount is correct.

Minimum Wage Changes

Recently, some provinces have increased their minimum wages. These amounts automatically update if the old minimum wage is indicated; otherwise, you’ll need to update them yourself.

You can review and update the minimum wages in Canadian Payroll >> Taxation & Assessment Tables >> Provincial Tax.


New Minimum Wage

Old Minimum Wage

British Columbia



New Brunswick



Newfoundland & Labrador



Nova Scotia



Prince Edward Island









Additionally, the Federal minimum wage has increased to $15.55.

Product Updates

Email Pay Statements

There's no longer a popup message after an error emailing pay statements from the Avanti Desktop. Instead, we’ll move on to email the next employee’s statement.

Once Avanti’s done emailing the statements, you can review and print the Email Results, which lets you know which ones failed. Previously, you’d have to select continue after each employee with an error.

Career Connector

Do you want potential employees to view all the available jobs on Career Connector? We’ve added an option to remove the filter from the Job Search page and the ability to show up to 100 jobs.

Select Hide Job Filters in the Search Settings section of Career Connector Settings to remove the filters.

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