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Opting out of CPP and QPP

With Employee Documents, you can easily track which employees have opted out of CPP and QPP and prevent these from processing during payroll.

Two document types will keep all your employees covered:

  • CPT30 Election Form for employees in provinces or territories outside Quebec.

  • RR-50 Election Form for Quebec employees.

Any employee over 65 years old can opt out of contributing to CPP and QPP if they are receiving pension benefits. Opting out prevents the employee’s deductions along with the employer’s portion of the contributions.

Employees who don’t opt out of CPP/QPP contribution will have:

  • CPP contributions continue until the end of the month the employee turns 70.

  • QPP contributions continue until the end of the year the employee turns 72.

Opting out of CPP and QPP

Employees over 65 years old can complete a CPT30 Election Form if they’re employed in a province or territory outside Quebec; Quebec employees can complete an RR-50 Election Form to opt in or out of QPP. 

Additional Information
Employees can only opt out of CPP and QPP if they receive pension benefits.

All you need to do is attach the employee’s form as a document in Avanti. Once an employee document is added with the right type for the employee’s province of employment and they’re over 65 years old, their CPP/QPP and enhanced CPP/QPP won’t be included during payroll processing from now on.

Want to adjust who can add, update or remove these documents for your employees? Go to Document Types to learn more about changing permissions.

Resuming CPP and QPP

Employees can resume CPP and QPP contributions using the same CPT30 Election Form or RR-50 Election FormWhen an employee opts back into CPP/QPP, the process is simple; you can update the document type to a different one. To create a new document type for resuming CPP and QPP contributions, go to Document Types for more information.

If you prefer, you can delete the original employee document instead of creating a new one. We don’t recommend this since it removes the employee’s CPP/QPP opt-out history from your records.

Additional Information
Quebec employees can only complete one RR-50 Election Form 
a year; if someone opts out of QPP contributions, they’ll need to wait until at least next January 1st to resume QPP deductions. As a payroll administrator, you’ll need to ensure there are no changes to Employee Documents in Avanti until then to ensure RQ compliance.

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