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Check Out What's New in Avanti 23.6.1

Avanti 23.6.1 includes Quebec’s and the CRA’s 118th July tax changes. There are no Federal changes, only provincial changes for Manitoba and Quebec.

To review the rates and values, visit 2023 Source Deductions, Rates, and Payroll Changes.


Starting from January 1, 2023, Manitoba’s basic personal amount is now $15,000, rising from the previous $10,855.

Since your employees had a lower amount for the first half of the year, they’ll get a prorated amount of $19,145 for the remaining six months, beginning in July.

Important Information
Once the last pay in June is processed, you’ll need to update the Basic Personal Amount to $19,145 for employees in Manitoba. If you’d like us to update this on your behalf, please contact our Care team.


Income Tax Rates

Quebec has adjusted some tax rates for the existing brackets.

  • Income up to $49,275 is now taxed at 14%.

  • Income between $49,275 and $98,540 is now taxed at 19%.

Personal Tax Credits

Quebec has increased some personal tax credits.

  • An increase to $5,154 for other dependants.

  • An increase to $3,537 for those under 18 enrolled in vocational training or post-secondary studies.

If any of your Quebec employees claim these, they’ll need to submit a new TP-1015.3. These amounts have not been adjusted on your behalf since these are based on Work Charts.

Minimum Wage Changes

Recently, some provinces have increased their minimum wages. These amounts automatically update if the old minimum wage is indicated; otherwise, you’ll need to update them yourself.

You can review and update the minimum wages in Canadian Payroll >> Taxation & Assessment Tables >> Provincial Tax.


New Minimum Wage

Old Minimum Wage

British Columbia






New Brunswick



Newfoundland & Labrador



Nova Scotia









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