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Check out What's New in Avanti 23.8.1

Here are all the latest changes included in Avanti 23.8.1.


Email when Direct Deposit Info Changes

Now employees are looped in when their banking information changes, so they know their information is secure and accurate.

When employees’ direct deposit information is adjusted, we’ll email them confirming a change was made. The email goes to the employee’s Default Email in the Language selected on their Employee Profile.

Additional Bank

A new bank, 703 - Wealthsimple Investments Inc., is now available in the Employee Profile and for employees to choose during Onboarding.


Keep up-to-date with your employees’ pronouns. Pronouns are now on the Employee Profile for you to track, and you can include this information on any reports created in Report Designer. From the Avanti Desktop, you can enter any text your employees would like for their pronouns.

Available Leave

Take your employees’ guesswork out of time off with Available Leave. Employees now have an intuitive view of the time off they’re entitled to, along with what they earned and took.

Available Leave is designed to work with your Entitlements setup and displays the same leave and information message to employees.

To learn more, go to Available Leave Overview; if you’d like to get started immediately, go to Available Leave Setup Guide.

Time Management

Location in Maintain Punches

Need to update the location where an employee punched? Now, the location always displays when you access Maintain Punches in the Avanti Self-Service Portal, and you can adjust the location when you select Edit.

With your employees’ consent, Avanti can track the location using the device’s GPS when employees check in and out using Web Punch on ASSP or Avanti Go. Check out Schedule and Web Punch Setup on Avanti Go to learn more about getting started.

Request Date added to Schedule Pool

Need to sort requests to work based on when the request was made? Request Date is now available in Schedule Pooling on the Avanti Desktop. You can select the Column Header to sort the requests.

You can also sort employees by Request Date when approving a request to work. Simply open a request and select Sort on the Pickup Request or Exchange Request tab. From there, choose Request Date and move it to Selected, then Request Date displays once you select OK.

Global and Company Web Settings Removed from the Avanti Desktop

From now on, you’ll need to go to Administration Settings on ASSP to update your web settings; Global Web Settings and Company Web Settings can no longer be updated from within the Avanti Desktop.

To streamline setting changes, we’ve got all your web settings in ASSP so you can easily update, then Reload the settings so you can see the changes take effect immediately. If you don’t already have Administration Settings on your Web Menu, go to How to Add New Items to Your Avanti Menus for more information.

When you have a moment, please remove Global Web Settings and Company Web Settings from the Avanti Desktop. Go to Remove Items From Your Menu for more information.

Cloud Client Options

Saving files and Reports in the Avanti Desktop is now even quicker from the Windows Cloud Client. There’s now an option to use Windows File Explorer, which allows you to access your Pinned folders.

To use Windows File Explorer, select Use Default Windows Explorer (Experimental) in Options.

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