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Time Flow: From Schedule to Payroll

Time and Attendance gives you complete control over how time is scheduled, approved, and used to generate employee payroll.

The flow of time

Within Time and Attendance what features to use are up to each individual company, but a complete picture of how time flows through all the parts of Time and Attendance are provided below.

time and attendance flow
1Time flows from Schedules into Time Cards,
2from Time Cards into Time Data,
3from Time Data into Payroll Data, then finally
4the Payroll Data is used to generate employee payroll.


Time can be scheduled in the future and assigned to employees using Schedules.

8 22 2018 1 34 27 PM

Time Cards

When the scheduled time has passed  — the shift has been worked for example — the time flows into Time Cards.

  • Time Cards can be integrated with Time Clocks to verify worked time.

  • Time Cards allow managers to review the worked time and make any corrections before it flows into the next stage.

8 22 2018 1 37 26 PM

Time Data

Time flows into Time Data after the Time Cards have been approved.

  • From Time Data, rules — holiday, overtime, and premium pay rules — are applied and Payroll Data batches are generated from the approved Time Data.

8 22 2018 1 41 39 PM

Payroll Data

Payroll Data batches are used during payroll processing to generate payroll for each employee for the time they have worked.

8 22 2018 1 44 30 PM

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