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Unleashing the Power of Avanti's General Ledger (2023-09)

Here's a recording of the live Skill-Up Webinar if you'd like to watch it again. Want to sign up for a future Skill-Up Webinar? Go to Skill-Up Webinar Registration.

Webinar Q & A

Below you’ll find all the questions asked during the Live Webinar, along with the the answers.

Q: What steps do we take if we need to change our G/L structure?

A: Once created, the G/L Account Format cannot be modified. Only through G/L Conversion can the structure be modified. Please contact your Account Manager and they will be able to help you with the steps forward. 

Q: If we are making changes to our G/Ls and need to insert multiple G/Ls, how do we go about it?

A: This can be done by importing your new G/Ls. Go to Importing G/L Accounts to learn more.

Q: Can we have multiple G/L accounts for different banks?

A: Yes, we can have multiple G/L accounts for different bank accounts.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the G/L Import template? 

A: You can download a sample of a G/L Import at the bottom of Importing G/L Accounts.

Q: What is a wild card and how is it used?

A: A wild card is represented by a symbol.

If a wild card is used on the Deduction Benefit code, it will be replaced by the corresponding G/L value from the employee’s basic G/L account as defined on the Employment Data tab on the Employee’s Profile, when the deduction/benefit code is processed. 


To take advantage of this wild card functionality, the employee’s G/L Option must be defined as Account on the Employment Data tab of the Employee Profile.


Q: What is the difference between a Basic G/L and a Master G/L?

A: The G/L defined on the Employment Data screen is referred to as the Basic G/L.


The G/L defined on the Earning Codes is referred to as the Master G/L.

  • If the G/L source on the Earning Code is defined as Basic, the system uses the G/L in Employment Data.

  • You can also indicate a specific G/L account on the Earning Code.


Q: What is the difference between G/L Source Master and G/L Source Position?

A: On the Employee’s Profile in Positions, you can select the G/L source from either Master or Position.

  • If the G/L Source is set to Master, we’ll use the G/L on the Earnings Codes on the Employee’s Profile when pay is processed.

  • If the G/L Source is Position, we’ll use the G/L from the Rates tab on the Position Code.


Additional Information

G/L Account Type on the Position Codes can be set on the Rates tab as AccountGroupBasic, and Position.

Account: You can specify a particular Account here.

Group: Here you can specify a specific G/L Earning Group, if the earning has to be split. 

Basic: This will take the G/L that is on the Employment Data tab of the Employee's Profile.

Position: This will take the G/L that is from the Basic Setup tab on the Position Code.


The Default Rate Level, Default Rate Source, and Default G/L Source will be populated when the position is added to the Employee’s Profile. Once populated, they can be modified as required.


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