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Export the G/L for a Previously Exported Payroll

If you’ve previously exported your pay’s G/L and need to export it again, you may need to change its export status. You’ll know you need this step if the payroll is updated, but you can’t find the pay listed in G/L Export.

Important Information
Be sure that the pay isn’t already in your financial system before re-exporting the pay; otherwise, you get duplicate entries.

Step 1: Open Maintain G/L Entries Export Status in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Financial System.

Step 2: Pick the pay runs you’d like to export.

Additional Information
You can select multiple pays by:

  • Holding Shift, then click on the beginning and end of the range.

  • Holding CTRL and click on the entries one-by-one

Step 3: Once the correct entries appear in blue, select Change Status.

Step 4: Select Yes to the following message.

These previously exported pay runs are now available in G/L Export for you to re-export. Go to Exporting your G/L for more information.

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