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Additional Information Transition Guide

Do you currently have Values, Figures or Dates in Personal Information on the Avanti Self-Service Portal and want to start using Additional Information? Here, you’ll learn about what’s changed and how to start using Additional Information.

How to Confirm You’re Currently Using Values, Figures or Dates

You can easily confirm whether you’re using the latest version of Values, Figures or Dates by taking a look at Personal Information on the Avanti Self-Service Portal.

If you see the option to select Values, Figures, or Dates here, you’re in the right place! Below you’ll find what to expect when moving to Additional Information and get the details about how to set it up.

If you don’t have Values, Figures or Dates, go to the Additional Information Setup Guide for everything you need to get started.

What to Expect When Moving to Additional Information

You can expect a smooth transition when moving to Additional Information. When you switch to Additional Information, there are no changes to:

  • What’s displayed in Values, Figure, and Dates.

  • The restrictions placed on who can update the information displayed.

What you can expect is a better display. Values, Figure, and Dates are now listed in columns, which means you’ll spend less time trying to find the information you’re searching for.

How to Start Using Additional Information

To set up Additional Information, you’ll need to be a Regular User with the Admin User Group.

If you aren’t using the New Avanti Experience yet, you’ll need to set it up first. Go to How to Enable the New Avanti Experience to get started.

Step 1: Select System Configuration in the New Avanti Experience.

Step 2: In System, select New Experience.

Step 3: Select Start Setup.

Step 4: Now, select Continue to bypass the security.

Step 5: By default, Additional Information is selected.

Additional Information
Additional Information uses the same access you set for Personal Information on ASSP. If you want to change access, you can select the Edit button and update the access. For more details on updating access, go to the Additional Information Setup Guide.