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French in Avanti

Canada is bilingual, and so is Avanti! You can set up Avanti so your users can choose their language, either English or French.

How to Set Up French in Avanti

Most of Avanti translates to French automatically; you’ll need to provide French translations where you can tailor text for your organization, such as code descriptions. You may need to create French pay statements and cheque formats if you haven’t already.

Before enabling French on ASSP and Career Connector, you’ll want to review and add French translations. These can be:

  • Messages and comments

  • Names, headings, and descriptions

  • Career Connector, system, and company settings

  • French pay statements and cheques

How to Allow French on ASSP and Career Connector

Once you’re done setting up French in Avanti and are ready to allow users to log into ASSP in French, you’ll need to enable it on ASSP. If you’re using Career Connector, applicants can also select French.


Step 1: Open Administration Settings on ASSP.
By default, this can be found in Administration. 

Step 2: Enter DisableFrench in the Search.

Step 3: Select Edit for DisableFrench.

Step 4: Deselect Value, then select Save.

  • If selected, only English is available on ASSP.

  • If deselected, users can choose whether to view ASSP in French or English.

Step 5: Select Save.

Step 6: Select Reload Settings.

Additional Information
If you’ve already moved to the latest ASSP
, you won’t see Reload Settings; your changes will take effect within 5 minutes.

Congrats! Your users can now log into the Avanti Self-Service Portal in French. If you’re using Career Connector, applicants will see the option to view Career Connector in French too.


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