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Running a Scheduled Workflow

When you need a workflow to run on certain dates or times you will have to setup the Workflow to run on a schedule.

  1. Open Workflows > Maintain Workflows.

  2. Open the workflow to schedule by selecting it and pressing Modify.


    Double-click on a workflow item to modify it.


Scheduled Workflows

Scheduled workflows will run only on certain dates and times; they can be recurring, or run only once. Avanti provides many options for scheduling—days of the week, specific days of the month, or pay period to name a few.

Maybe in your organization there are employees which move around on a regular basis between locations. Every second Wednesday of the month you have a managers meeting and you want to schedule a workflow to run before the meeting starts to send an employee location report to all the managers.

Let’s go over the steps of setting up a workflow that will run on the second Wednesday of each month.
  1. Open the Workflow tab.

  2. From the Run drop-down select On Schedule.

  3. Open the Workflow Schedule settings by pressing the Schedule button that appears on the right.



The workflow schedule is divided into three sections— One Time, Recurring, and Cron Expression. Depending on which Schedule Type is currently selected, two of the sections may be unavailable. Because we want the workflow to run on every second Wednesday of the month we will use the Recurring section of the schedule.

  1. Select Recurring from the Schedule Type drop-down

  2. Select Monthly from the Occurs drop-down.

  3. Select the Second Wednesday of every month for the Recurring option.


    If the Recurring section is unavailable make sure that the Recurring Schedule Type is selected.

Daily Frequency

The daily frequency controls what time the workflow runs on the days when the workflow is scheduled. The workflow can be set to run exactly once at particular time, or run multiple times in a time period. We want the workflow to only run before the managers meeting, so we’ll use the first option.

  1. Enable Occurs once at and enter 9:00:00 AM.

  2. Save and close the workflow schedule by pressing OK.


The workflow is now setup to use a schedule and will run once at 9:00am on the second Wednesday of each month, just in time for that manager meeting!


The schedule rules can be reviewed from the Workflow tab, underneath the Run field.


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