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Exporting your G/L

You can export all payroll journal entries created during payroll processing into your accounting system. Once payroll is processed, it creates a journal entry. If the payroll is cancelled, the journal entry is removed from the list.

Need to re-export a G/L file? Go to Export a Previously Exported G/L for more information.

Once you’ve finalized payroll, you’re ready to export your G/L.

Step 1: Open G/L Export in the Avanti Desktop Application.
By default, this can be found in Financial System.

Step 2: Select the pays you’d like to export in G/L Export Selection.

Additional Information
G/L Export creates one file with all the pays selected. If you don’t see the pay listed, it may not be updated, it may have been exported, or it may be cancelled.

If you’ve already exported the pay and need to re-export, go to Export a Previously Exported G/L for more information.

Step 3: Select your Export Type from the list if it’s not already selected.

Additional Information
If you’re only exporting one G/L format, you can prevent anyone from changing the Export Type. Go to Default the G/L Export Type for more information.

Step 4: Select the arrow beside Export File.

Step 5: Navigate to the location where you’d like to save the file, update the File name, and select Open.

Step 6: Select OK to save the export.

Step 7: Once you’ve created the file, select whether the exported pay gets removed from the G/L Export Selection.

  • Select Yes to remove the pay from the G/L Export Selection list.

  • Select No for the pay to remain in the G/L Export Selection list.

Additional Information
We recommend selecting Yes to remove the exported pay from the list. This helps prevent accidentally re-exporting a file and saves time, since you’ll only see files awaiting export listed.

Great! A file with the payroll journal entries is now available in the location you selected. You can print the results by selecting Print or select Exit to close G/L Export.

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