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Employee Directory Overview

From the Employee Directory, Managers and Regular Users can view employees and view their Personal Information. At a glance, the employee’s name, position, employee number, and email display. You can add details for new employees from here using New Employee.

Want to see more of the employees’ details without leaving the Employee Directory? From Actions, the Summary displays more information, such as their address, contact information, and employment information. You can view more employee information and make adjustments by selecting Profile, which opens the employee’s Personal Information.

Additional Information
You’ll need to have Personal Information
 set up.

Find your employees
Learn more about how to find the employees you’re looking for faster.

New employee
Everything you need to hire a new employee.

Employee summary
Take a peak at the relevant employee info without leaving the Employee Directory.

Employee profile
Quickly go to Personal Information for employees, where you can view additional details, like Emergency Contacts.

Ensure your Managers and Regular Users have access to the right employees by familiarizing yourself with security on the Employee Directory.

Find Who You’re Looking For

To help you find who you’re looking for quicker, you can search by employee name or number.

In addition to filtering employees based on whether they’re an active employee, you can also filter to only display employees by their:

  • Location

  • Employment Status

  • Primary Position

Adding a New Employee

Create new employees in Avanti right from Employee Directory. From here, you can add all the essential information needed for the new employee, including job, pay, vacation, and benefit information.

Additional Information
If you’re using the New Hire Requests to hire applicants, you won’t want to use the New Employee to add them. This will result in two employees being created for the applicant.

Don’t want anyone to add employees here? Don’t worry; you can prevent this button from displaying during setup.

Employee Summary

View employee information from the Employee Summary. Here, you can include key personal information such as their phone numbers, job information like pay group, and a range of other details that can be set up from location codes, union codes, and pronouns.

You can also view employees’ SIN if you’ve got access.

Additional Information
To add or restrict summary details to your organization’s needs, use Avanti Desktop’s Employee Lookup Details to display details across ASSP’s Employee Directory Summary and Avanti Desktop’s Employee Details.


Employee Profile

Want to view another employee’s Personal Information? You’ll need to select Profile from the Employee Directory to access other employees’ information, along with their Emergency Contacts and Dependents. Go to Personal Information Overview to learn more.

Security on the Employee Directory

Tailor access to the Employee Directory and New Hire based on your organization’s needs when you Set up the Employee Directory.

Accessing the Employee Directory and New Hire
Regular Users and Managers can access the Employee Directory when they have user group access and view permissions to the menu.

To access New Employee, Managers and Regular Users must have Add access to the Employee Directory and User Group access to both the Employee Directory and New Hire menus.

Employees cannot access the Employee Directory to see information for other employees; only Managers and Regular Users can.

Access to Employees
Employee access is based on the Manager or Regular User viewing the Employee Directory; they’ll need access to the employee’s pay group and role permissions to the employee’s position for an employee to display in Employee Directory.

Additional Information
Go to Role Assignments for more details on how role permissions work in Avanti. 

Access to SIN
Restrict Access to SIN so only those needing it can view it on the employee summary and add one for a new employee. Limiting access to SIN restricts access throughout ASSP and the Avanti Desktop.

Ready to Get Started?

Once you’re ready to get started using the Employee Directory, go to Employee Directory Setup Guide for more information.

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