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Pay Statements: Statement Forms and Formatting

Statement Formats control which information is displayed on the statement—employee name, address, deduction codes, earnings, to name a few. As well, the location, size, and font of all information included on the statement can be controlled using the Statement Format.

The Statement Form contains the images, lines, shading, and other visual elements to be printed. Statement Formats are combined with a Statement Form to produce the final statement document.

Figure 1. On the left the The Form and Statement are combined, and on the right only the Form is shown.

Add a New Statement Form.

Statement forms can be maintained from Web Services. New Statement Forms can be inserted directly from an existing PCF file, or imported from a PCF xml file.


If you have a PCF xml file, you can import the file from Statement/Cheque Forms Maintenance by pressing File > Import and selecting the PCF xml file.

(The Name, Description, and Content fields of the Statement Form will be filled in during import.)

We will go over the steps of adding a new Statement Form from an existing PCF file now.
  1. Open Web Services > Installation and Maintenance > Statement/Cheque Forms Maintenance.

  2. Press Insert to add a new Statement Form

    Figure 2. After pressing insert, a new window will open where the Statement Form can be setup.

    The Content field of the Statement Form will contain the printer commands for printing the form. We’ll load the Contents from an existing PCF file using the file-explorer next

  3. Press the image button to open the file explorer.

  4. From the file explorer, open the PCF file. (After opening, the Contents of the Statement Form will be filled in from the PCF file.)

    Figure 3. Open a PCF file from the file explorer to load the Content field.
  5. Enter the Name, and Description for the form.


    If the PCF file contains images you can add them now:
    Press Validate Images, then press Yes on the Add Images message box.

  6. Save the new Statement Form by pressing OK now.

    Figure 4. The last step is to press OK and save the Statement Form.

Use the Statement Form.

Change the default Statement Form for a statement from the Statement Format options.

  1. Open Canadian Payroll > Installation & Maintenance > Maintain Statement Format.

  2. Open the statement by double-clicking it.

  3. Open the Setup tab.

  4. Select the default Statement Form to use from the Form field.

    Figure 5. From Maintain Statement Format you can change the default Statement Form.
  5. Save the statement by pressing OK now.

    • If PDF Pay Statements on the Employee Self-Service are enabled, the default Statement Form of the Pay Group will be used when generating the PDF Pay Statements.

    • The default Statement Form can be overridden when printing a statement.


  1. Images are not showing up form when printing or previewing

    • Confirm the images are defined in Web Services > Statement/Cheque Forms Image Maintenance.

    • Confirm the image name matches the image name in the form.

      Figure 6. The image name in the Statement Form Content field must batch the Image Name in the Avanti database.

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