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Balancing Your Year-End Overview

Balancing year-end is essential to ensure that all adjustments are completed in the correct payroll year. That’s why we’ve provided several resources to help you along.

Review Your Payroll Totals

You can run two reports that will provide the totals for your payroll year. One report will print the year's total for each earning, deduction, and benefit code. The other report contains the totals for each employee.

Go to Review Your Payroll Totals for more information.

Balance Your CPP Remittances

You’ll need to confirm that your CPP deductions and benefits are correct compared to the expected amounts. If you find a discrepancy, these reports display a breakdown by pay period to help you isolate the issue. Go to Balance Your CPP Remittances for more information.

Balance Your Receiver General and Quebec Remittances

Using Vendor Remittance, you can ensure that your Receiver General and Quebec Remittances align with the expected values from your Tax Slip Review Listings. Go to Balance Your Receiver General and Quebec Remittances for more information.

Balance Your Entitlements

To help balance your entitlements, we've provided three reports.

  1. Leave Balances and Rate - This should be run before paying out employee entitlements to ensure your liability amount will be correct.

  2. Leave Dollars/Units Accrued Over Time - This will display the accrued dollars and units for each entitlement so you can compare them to your financial records to ensure accuracy.

  3. Leave G/L Accrual Comparison - Use this to verify that G/L accounts are correct for the accrued leave.

Go to Balance Your Entitlements for more information on downloading and creating these reports.

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