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APIs & Avanti (2023-08)

Here’s a recording of the live Skill-Up Webinar if you’d like to watch it again. Want to sign up for a future Skill-Up Webinar? Go to Skill-Up Webinar Registration.

Webinar Q & A

Below you’ll find all the questions asked during the Live Webinar, along with the the answers.

Q: What if there is no API endpoint available for my data needs?

A: In cases where a specific API endpoint isn’t available for your data requirements, you might consider using the Reporter Endpoint, which leverages a report created in Report Designer.

If you cannot gather the data you need through a report, you may need a custom API created. For such cases, our dedicated Professional Services team is available to assist. Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information.

Q: Are APIs safe and secure?

A: Avanti uses the latest API technology, called REST, and robust security measures to keep your data safe. These measures include timed access tokens and finely-grained roles and permissions that you can tailor to match your needs.

Q: How do we integrate it with Avanti if our company implements new software?

A: The standard practice is the new software provider also offers an API developer to help set up the API integrations with Avanti’s APIs.

Q: Are APIs available 24x7?

A: Yes. Avanti APIs are always available, except for the occasional maintenance window on Wednesday nights from 8:00 p.m. to midnight MST.

Q: Is there a way to schedule API data pushes?

A: Yes. API data requests can be conveniently scheduled as required.

Q: My API integration only pulls information on a few employees and not others. Why?

A: APIs are position-centric, so when an API call is sent it looks for the positions visible to the API user. Positions can be assigned to the API user by going into User Role Assignments

Q: Why am I getting 403 Forbidden “invalid_subfunction_access” error for some API endpoints when other endpoints work as expected? 

A: To keep you data safe, you’ll need to allow Subfunction Access to each endpoint you want to use. To resolve this, assign the required Subfunction Access to the API user by following the instructions outlined in Endpoint Access.

Additional Resources

Here are the links to additional resources mentioned during the Skill-Up.

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