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Check Out What's New in Avanti 23.7.1

Here are all the latest changes included in Avanti 23.7.1.

Cloud Client Now Available for Mac

With the new Avanti Cloud Client, your Avanti Desktop runs more smoothly from your Mac. The Cloud Client boasts improved security, streamlined file access and faster printing, leading to an effortless Avanti experience.

Go to Downloading the Avanti Cloud Client to learn more.

Important Information
The Avanti Cloud Client is only available for MacOS 12 or newer.

New Avanti Experience

Make the most out of the New Avanti Experience with these new changes.


It’s now easier than ever for employees to find their pay information. Compensation is now beneath Personal on the New Avanti Experience; previously, employees would have to select Personal, then Personal Information to view Compensation.

As part of this change, employees no longer need menu permissions for Personal Information to view Compensation. Menu permission to Compensation can be updated in System Configuration.

Notification Icons

Find the notification you’re looking for faster with the new notification icons. You’ll find these icons in the Notification Center.

Want to start seeing notifications on the New Avanti Experience? Go to the Setup Guide for more information.

Avanti Desktop

Unifying the Avanti Experience

As we unify the Avanti experience, you may notice some minor changes in the Avanti Desktop, like new fields in setup. These won’t affect your daily work, and there’s no need to take any action.

One feature you can unlock is allowing employees to log into the Avanti Self-Service Portal in French. We’ll take care of most of the translations, but there’s some setup required before you can enable it. Go to French in Avanti to learn more.

Already have French as part of Avanti? Don’t worry; there are no changes for you. Your French experience will continue uninterrupted.

We’re here to help with any questions you have; reach out to Client Care.

Avanti Passwords Required

Passwords are now required for users authenticating using Avanti Security. If you previously left the password blank when creating new users in Avanti Users, you’ll now need to add a temporary password.

When providing access information to employees, it’s best to have them reset their password on ASSP rather than provide a temporary password. If you don’t have the Forgot your Password option set up, check out the Setup Guide to get started. This helps ensure that your accounts stay safe and secure.

Career Connector

Supervisor and Pay Info Removed when Applying for a Job

Some Canadian jurisdictions require applicant permission to contact references and also have laws preventing pay discrimination. With that in mind, applicants can no longer enter supervisor, pay, and pay rate for their previous employment when applying for a job in Career Connector.

For compliance, requesting reference information during the interview process is best.

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